17 Sep 2023 00:03:27
Another unrelated question I have for those with more knowledge now say If someone I know was arrested for an offence maybe damaging a ulez camera and didn't speak at all reserving the right to silence, did not give details dna fingerprints anything then what could the police do without knowing who this someone was? Only 24 hours to detain is there anyway they could find out who someone was if they remained completely tight lipped ? Thanks

{Ed032's Note - Ed033 will know best. You have right to remain silent so I'm pretty sure saying nothing won't mean they can not charge you. I understand your point though, Straw man.

17 Sep 2023 09:01:48
If you commit a true crime, which is, physical harm, loss or injury, then the police don't have to have the perpetrators NAME in order to continue to convict.

The police [at the moment] do need the NAME when it's not a true crime, but the 'detainee' can't say nothing at all, otherwise it can be determined [after a while] that they are mentally impaired and incompetent, so the 'STATE' can act on behalf of the now incompetent 'detainee'. So when questioned, the 'detainee' might want to repeat words like, 'no consent', 'no contract', i don't stand under your jurisdiction, 'i don't stand under your authority'.

17 Sep 2023 21:34:51
Thank you for reply very informative