18 Sep 2023 18:26:22
Just had a really mind-bending chat with my dad.

We chat every evening. He is 94 and he likes chatting to his youngest. But today was Fked up. In the video I was live but everything else was blurred?

It is messing my head up. It looked like I wasn't real. Virtual.

Has anyone else anything on this? experiences?

I have many things that mess with my head (check the health page?) but this was unreal.

I was in a live video feed where everything, no matter what I did, Other than me was blurred. Altering other objects made no difference, Only me in focus.

It felt like my first encounter with our 'skynet'


18 Sep 2023 19:53:44
Did your background get interference from the fake International Space Station Green Screen background feed? :)

19 Sep 2023 06:37:33
Haha. Possibly, Ed. It wasn't just the background that was blurred though, it was everything I picked up, too. Maybe it was only focusing on heat? It was so surreal. Not just like a filter etc. IDK. Weird.