23 Sep 2023 14:54:41
I heard a theory years ago which I believed to be far fetched.
Lizards like wet and damp conditions.
I think you're right though. I believe it's to demoralise people.
I mean 9 weeks of bad weather in the summer holidays and the minute the kids go back to school...82f and incredibly humid.
I'm not soft. I pick up on a lot of things even more so now.
You're right, though, about what riles me. I am a hot weather man. My place of work is a basic shed type unit but allows me to build my business. The problem is heating. In the summer months it's superb. In the winter months it's baltic. It would take a lot of money to install a heating system that is adequate, but at the moment the business is just starting to get into profit. I look forward to having 5/6 months of the year with decent temps as it helps with drying time and we can work comfortably. To have the summer as cold as winter and storms every other day is a daily battle in work.
Now I know that this year I will have had 5/6 weeks of good weather and nothing but shite until mid 2024 makes me so fucking irate I could honestly assassinate the LE personally. That's the response they want from me. It's to bring out your anger and bitterness. I get it. I can't help feeling it though.

{Ed032's Note - I'm intrigued by your line of work, Pauly77. When you mention 'shed type unit' and 'drying times' it sparks my interest by the scale ;)

On a serious note. I understand things are 'able to' bring out anger and bitterness (I am an Ed on the mental health page, maybe have a read on there) but it is a choice to control it as best you can (or not) or better still, repurpose it. Use that negative energy for something positive. That'll really piss the LE off.

24 Sep 2023 20:57:29
Lol ?