06 Dec 2022 14:44:24
guy in my work just came back today from being off for a wile found out he took a bad reaction to his latest vax wait for it the one before that he collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital, yet he still runs and gets the next one available

{Ed032's Note - Sounds like if the LE told him he could fly, he'd go jump straight off of a cliff, United ireland. ?‍♂️

06 Dec 2022 15:55:56
I've said it before but it still astounds me that the majority are so asleep.

Before the pandemic (of the asleep, as there certainly wasn't a viral one) those of us awake, knew and understood about flat earth, fake moon landings, past histories etc etc but I always (wrongly) believed that once something happened that directly affected them that they could and would see the truth.

I try to be kind in my thoughts towards them (to a degree) because the only rational explanation is that they are genuinely unable to escape the hypnotism that has them in its grasp.

It can't be solely to do with intelligence as we perceive it. My daughter is 'intelligent' academically (1st class degree etc) but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get through to her about the jab and sadly she had 2 of them.

It has been a real shock to me that I share this planet with people who are so controlled (by man or otherwise). It's sad and frustrating thinking about the plane we could share.


{Ed032's Note - You are right about the hypnosis, Tj70. Then you have the battle of cognitive dissonance to win to fully awaken from it's grasp. You see people get hypnotised in a matter of minutes. Imagine (well, you can see) just how strong it would be if it is for your entire life whilst you're constantly being injected with poisons and God knows what else.

07 Dec 2022 06:35:42
Many peeps I know hardly even give me the time of day for asking questions let alone showing them the truth.

The medical people I know are scared and the rest just think we are mad.

I think somewhere I took a wrong turn and I double check, no it stands up. They wanted us to follow science but it seems they can't.

What is the point in teaching lies?

I was doubtful of the the real battle but this IS good against evil.

The LE is working hard to destroy good in this realm, theory has become practice, just look at the controllers and thier family histories, thay all lead back to the same story.

I know I'm kind of repeating but it needs to be said agian.


{Ed032's Note - Yes, auldweeman. Good Vs Evil. Except a lot of the Good souls are hypnotised to support and fight for the wrong side.

The LE want us to believe in unquestionable pseudoscience, where you are actually punished for doing otherwise. That is not 'science' and that, amongst other things, is what the sheep are too blind to see.

07 Dec 2022 06:41:47
Before the end of 2019 I can't remember a person that believed what any politician said, not one.


{Ed032's Note - I often ask the asheep this.

"So you actually trust what a politician tells you?"

Even now they say "No"

"But you trust them when they tell you to get some poisons injected which haven't been properly tested for the short-term out comes, let alone the long-term consequences, that bypass your natural Intelligently Created body defences and they don't and never will stop you catching or spreading a make-believe virus that you falsely tested positive for, using a test that can not detect disease, illness or anything of any use towards health?"

07 Dec 2022 07:03:33
A close friend of my dads, kept having his shots every time made him feel rough, the last one he had it on a Friday evening, he made it to Sunday dropped dead. Autopsy came back no cause of death. They even said they couldn’t tell why he had died. Waiting for tissue samples could take up to a year to hear anything.


{Ed032's Note - I am sorry for your dad's loss, BLUEBOY1.

How can someone have a causeless death?. These coroners must have their hands tied to not even ask the question "Could it be the vaxx?" or they are simply brain-dead and not fit for their job.

I would assume it it more LE red tape to slow the process to have to wait a year for tissue samples. Madness.

07 Dec 2022 09:44:24
An early doors one for me was a healthy 30 year old friend, super healthy, natural causes and her mum asked for an autopsy 8 month waiting list.

If you watch things like Died Suddenly and see the suppression of the truth as well as what we all read on here it is mental what they are getting away with.

A causeless death come on, I'm nearly 50 and seen many family people away, I never seen one death certificate without multiple causes.


{Ed032's Note - Really sorry for your loss, auldweeman.

8 months? That is ridiculous. It's just the LE stopping autopsies being carried out. They would forget all about doing them altogether if they could, to aid the cover-up. Much like Big Pharma trying to suppress and not release the vaxx data for over 70 years. I mean, that screams of lies and deceit but yet people think there is 'nothing to see here' ?‍♂️

07 Dec 2022 09:51:33
That's right, They own science now.
What did it start with "The Global Commons"


{Ed032's Note - I wouldn't say that's where it started but 'they' own, control and ration everything which is everyone's to share and have equal sovereign rights too. I mean, that is a completely satanic act in itself. No surprises, ah?.

The way I see it is something happened around circa 1500AD. Between the end of the so called 'Dark Ages' and then, anyhow (Atlantis-Atlanteans/Mudflood/Tartarian theories. It is difficult to know as I wasn't there. Much like any other living soul. The actual timeline of the his-'story' we are told has been manipulated and probably 1000 years added and events mixed up to hide Truth). This is where the Ages of the 'Light-Bearer' took over and the Satanic one's started to gain control. 1600's they started burning down all the cities and erasing Truth to create the 'Big Deception'. The righteous souls of the Realm are sullied, hypnotised and indoctrinated into the new 'Beast' system. Sadly, now, it seems like the souls are receiving the 'Mark' and we are in the latter phases of the 'plan'.

07 Dec 2022 10:58:18
Yes does seem like the latter stages but I hope we can see ourselves through, however I do love your knowledge on these things and the time you take for peeps about it.

I've been more of a modernist with these things but kinda knew of the past, has been an eye opener on here of late.

I shall endevour to seek further.

Cheers good soul


{Ed032's Note - There will be/are, tough times yet to pass but the hope of Truth is always there. You just have to keep a firm grip and not be distract from walking the path, auldweeman.

Take care and stay strong. ??