23 Jan 2023 21:18:45
Alright lads. I'm trying to find a post that was on here a while back. Think it was a picture upload. About all the world problems the government has lied about. A new problem every 10 years. 2020 is global warming. I think it went back to the 50s. Any idea where that image has gone?

{Ed032's Note - It rings a bell, BLUEBOY1. I have had a quick look but I am unable to find it. I will have another search today for you. ?

24 Jan 2023 12:38:51
The Ed's have searched through all the images and we can not locate what you are looking for, BLUEBOY1.

My guess would be that it was an image, within a video. I dread to think how long that would take to find, with the amount of content on this site. Sorry.

25 Jan 2023 07:35:14
Hey monkey no problem. Keep up the good work :)


{Ed032's Note - Will do, BLUEBOY1. :)