01 Feb 2023 17:14:13
Hey folks, hope you're keeping well. Apologies in advance for the lengthy post!

I'm more into exploring spirituality these days than researching conspiracies. Partly because it's better for my own mental health and partly because I think I can help more people from this positive pov than I can by introducing more fear and hatred into their lives. I do find that there are areas where both worlds overlap, though, which provides for some interesting topics to consider. In some ways they are both similar pursuits - both about uncovering hidden wisdom - but they come at it from different angles.

Anywho, here is a list of things that according to Buddhists over two thousand years ago, would keep us from being happy;

1. Taking delight in having money and material possessions.
2. Being disappointed, upset, angry when we lose possessions or don't get them.
3. Feeling delighted when people praise us and approve of us and tell us how wonderful we are.
4. Feeling very upset and dejected when they criticize us and disapprove of us-even if they are telling us the truth!
5. Feeling delighted when we have a good reputation and a good image.
6. Being dejected and upset when we have a bad reputation.
7. Feeling delighted when we experience sense pleasures-fantastic sights, sounds, odors, tastes and tactile sensations.
8. Feeling dejected and upset when we have unpleasant sensations.

What I find interesting is that those 8 points read like a summary of modern day western culture! We're programmed from childhood to see ourselves as individuals and to compete against others, to put our efforts into seeking pleasure and material wealth etc. If you wanted to create a society that keeps its people opressed and never fulfilled - sounds like the ideal model!

I think the wisdom of our spiritual ancestors can provide us with many clues about how to break free from the 'matrix'. Perhaps a practical place to start would be to find a lifestyle that embodies the opposite of these points and encourage others to do the same, in the search for happiness and fulfillment?

The less dependant we are to the whims of those who control things, the closer we get to liberation IMO.

{Ed033's Note - Double Flat Thumbs

double flat thumbs

02 Feb 2023 06:04:20
HI, HoneyBadger. First and foremost, thank you for your very kind donation. It is much appreciated, good sir!. I am taking a short break at the moment, but I am always around.

Really good post. Of your 8 points, I would say I cope quite well in following them, except one. Number 8. This is in regards to permanent pain. I work on coping with it everyday but it is the one thing that always seems to wear me down to the point where I really struggle and start to question everything, or rather, the point of everything. I do my best to absorb it and carry on regardless, but I am at a loss how to not be affected by it. It is a difficult one.

The reason for raising money is to try non-pharma solutions to try and cure and eliminate the pain but if you have any tips or tricks you have picked up in your research, I am willing to try anything at this point.

Anyway, good to hear from you. Stay strong, brother. ✌

02 Feb 2023 12:32:32
No worries at all Ed032. It's heart warming to see the support that essentially strangers on the internet have shown. I hope you get what you need and wish you the best.

Yes number 8 is difficult and I can't say I've faced the same battle as you so don't want to come across as belittling it or to make things sound easy. My struggles have been moreso with psychological pain. I don't know if you're into meditation but I've found that to be a useful tool in distancing myself from painful sensations, becoming the 'witness' to them if you will. Eckhart Tolle has a few videos talking about dealing with pain with the power of oresence. Obviously it's not a miracle cure but who knows, could gradually help to improve over time.

There are alternative treatments also like Acupuncture with apparently work well for pain, although I appreciate that costs money, unless you could get the NHS to advocate it.

Best of luck Ed032 and enjoy the short break.


{Ed032's Note - Thanks for the reply, HoneyBadger.

I have tried meditation, albeit briefly, and found I was just too distracted to really focus, I will persevere with it some more. I have heard of Eckhart Tolle, but I do not recognise him. I will look into his work and your suggestion.

I do compartmentalise my pain, mentally speaking. Stick it in a small mind box and push it to one side, preferably outside of one's self. This does help me cope in some ways, but it can get out of control at any given moment. For that reason, I have to avoid stressful situations but a lot of the time stress is unavoidable, isn't it?

Acupuncture is on my list of things to try but, like you say, things can get expensive pretty quick as it is never usually one session.

I have lost count of the amount of consultants and NHS specialists I have been under but I have given up with them. I mentioned acupuncture and alternative means of healing and the only response I get is; "I am not allowed to talk about that, all I am allowed to do is give you pills (poison)". The pills they want me to take will not heal me and basically destroy all the vital organs and screw with one's mind. So to me that is just an early death in a painful way. I have tried several of these pills and they make it so I can barely cope getting out of bed and don't help with the pain at all. A complete sham!

Thanks for the luck and comments, HoneyBadger. I will do my best to enjoy the break, but I am always contactable via this site or my email at the top of page. Take care, buddy ?

06 Feb 2023 05:02:33
hey ed 032 how have you been ? sorry to hear of the pain you are suffering and your problems with the nhs for the last thirteen years i have had my own troubles with the health system here down under, found out the hard way that these people have no interest what so ever in healing people , only doling out poison to temporarily mask the symptoms , through utter desperation i tried a different route via a nutritionist which ultimately led me to fasting which if i'm honest fixed about 90 per cent of my problems which is 85 % more than my useless gp and specialist ever do, it's been three years now although i do have the odd relapse now and then but on the whole it's been a life saver...now i don't know what you are going through but it's food for thought , i really was at the end of my tether , but just want to let you know there is hope out there...bye for now, and just on a side note my name makes more sense now that the reds are sitting in mid table


{Ed032's Note - Hey, Midtablered. Good to hear from you and thanks for your caring thoughts. ?

I do fast quite regularly, although I haven't over the winter months as I am trying to bulk some more muscle to build on my running pace/performance. As that is not going quite as I hoped I will have a 'fast' day, today. Thanks for the inspiration.

How do you fast? do you have whole days off food?, or do you do the 8/16 method? I prefer whole days but that is just me. It just feels like it triggers the body and all the natural functions back into overdrive. A wake up call, so to speak.

Yes, the healthcare system and their poison pills are a menace to society but I will say they are very good at emergency/trauma situations (stroke, heart attack, broken bones etc) but even that is becoming difficult now the LE are collapsing all the systems, which means people don't get the available care quick enough.

Regarding your name; I am a Manchester United supporter and it is nice to have you back where you belong ?? Joking aside, it certainly is a topsy-turvy season and things are not playing out as one would have expected, back in August.

Thanks for your hope, it's appreciated. I reciprocate and hope you are dealing with everything being thrown at you, down-over (we don't live on an impossi-ball in a Realm of bendy water). Take care, brother ?✌