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30 May 2023 14:20:22
Hi Ed002. Thanks for your response to my "humans are machine-like" comment and sorry for the slow reply. Although it has given me time to ponder further.

I maintain that the human mind is machine-like in the sense that we generally play out our past programming, and that programming runs deep. I do agree with you though - what sets us apart is that we have the faculty to shine the light of awareness onto our own being which gives the opportunity to break free from our condition. I think very few realise/achieve this though and when we do it's a slow and gradual process where we're never 100% free from it. I mean, even us as 'truthers' may only have started to question things because of the vast string of causes and effects that brought us to that point. It's difficult to tell how much choice was involved in that or whether it unfolded naturally.

But what keeps me positive is that we can work towards unravelling those layers of conditioning over time, which could potentially free us gradually and then we can help others to do the same. We're not as 'limited' as we have been led to believe - so we agree there I think. There have been just a handful of avatars who achieved total liberation and came to show us The Way throughout history, the Buddha, Christ etc. And despite the essence of their teachings being corrupted by organised religion I do believe they give us something to aim for.

So long story short. I'd say the vast majority of humans are machine like. A small fraction have realised this and began the process of deconstruction. A small handful of those have broken free altogether and laid the path for the rest of us to follow.


{Ed032's Note - You're welcome, HoneyBadger.

I think we mean the same thing just written with our nuances but I will reiterate;

The mind, as you say, can be 'programmed' but this is not like running software in hardware like in a machine, It is trickery. The mind can only be fooled into a belief of something if the soul owner of said mind is weak? unaware? of said trickery. Once you see the trick the spells don't work. So, I do agree with what you say I am just saying it at a slightly jaunty angle, a bit like like my party hat.

I think the more knowledge you gain, the more humble you should become. Sadly the LE have a different view and prefer greed and suppression.

I am really on the fence when it comes to things I can only speculate about, JC, Buddha etc. With there being so many similarities across the board with religion and now it being so corrupted. You get elderly ladies going to church every Sunday. She can't afford to heat her home but she better put some money in the collection box to save her soul because that's what Jesus would have wanted???????? FUBAR.

The 'machine-like' brainwashed people you refer to. I really feel they could not give a toss about anything anyhow and are deliberately ignorant as they do not like to think. I can not understand a person like that or ever want to step into their shoes. No soul. Sold it?

Happy to talk about what could be, and what I hope it too be, but like I said, I think you have to know we no nothing even though we know all we do. I love to wonder. though.

Hope I make sense? It's quit ironic, as I asked for more people to comment but this site being what it is, there is never a quick reply. Not from my mind anyhow. I have to back and forth thoughts and then try and express them correctly. I think 10 mindful comments a day would be a 10 hour day. Serious haha.

P.s. sorry to any posters I don't write an essay for. It is time and what my mind is on at the time of receiving the post. If people are happy to wait for full attention replies I will delay responses and reply when I can.

1.) 30 May 2023 18:25:13
Cheers Ed032. Yes I think we largely agree just using different terminology, as you say. And yes I think 'unaware' or lack of awareness is the key factor. The vast majority truly believe we are just bodies and minds floating through space. Which is the beginning of the hypnotism. From that perspective reality can seem isolating, even scary. That's how they get you! Fear = control.

I understand your mistrust of religion. I steer clear of it too. It's been used to control for centuries / millenia but I think hidden within is true wisdom. It's there in plain sight but needs unravelling from the BS and to be seen from a different angle perhaps. I do believe the wisdom is within us all though and therefore religion is unnecessary.

The only bit I disagree on is that people are deliberately ignorant. The way I see it, the hypnotism is so deep and been around so long that most people are blind but unaware. But if that's all we disagree on that ain't bad! The rest of your reply makes perfect sense and resonates.

P.s. I am grateful for your thoughtful replies. I sometimes feel guilty that my long posts can clog up the page and may not interest many posters. Perhaps an 'ancient wisdom' sub page would make sense one day? But I'll leave that down to you and your wisdom.

Have a good day, Ed!

{Ed032's Note - I mean it as in they ignore the chance to think and question something they know does not feel right. Those are the opportunities to break free from the hypnosis and brainwashing. They choose the blue pill because the steak tastes nice. They choose ignorance, deliberately. ??



13 Mar 2023 15:34:41
What's people's thoughts on Hollywood...

Is it all negative programming for our minds? Or are some of the messages positive in nature? Is it all run by cabal of satanists or is it made up of different individuals and factions with different agendas?

Are they predictively programming us to accept future events, deliberately, or could it be that the artists and creative types are better at tuning into knowledge about the zeitgeist that is beyond what us normies can see? And so it seems prophetic to us?

I ask because I always saw clearly the evil side of that industry and yet recently I'm coming across more and more movies with not just a positive message but actual wisdom that we can all benefit from. The Matrix was an obvious one. I recently watched Free Guy which has a similar message of freedom from our programming. I've also seen films that reference the power of remaining present, the power of gratitude and the law of attraction.



{Ed032's Note - The only thing you missed was it being a distraction element. Most of the entertainment industry in general has a satanic core from which nothing of good, comes forth. It is completely corrupt and anyone spending enough time within, will become the same, usually involving the selling of one's soul. There maybe a few exceptions to the rule, but they will find it tough going.

The moral of the story is; less time watching a box of majick and hypnosis, more time enjoying the real Realm and all its wonder.

1.) 14 Mar 2023 17:23:41
Hollywood is just the tip of the iceberg! throw in the music industry and open up that pandora's box and you will never see your favourite musician or bands in the same way ever again!

The scope from both platforms in terms of brainwashing and subliminal messages is enormous and is often presented to us straight to our faces but nicely wrapped up as a gift called entertainment.

How you ever wondered why more talented actors/ musicians get nowhere whilst mediocre performers thrive and are successful?

To cut a long story short once you have agreed to those satanic
terms, there is no way out, they own you lock, stock and barrel.

Hollywood is pure evil and if you ever needed proof see how many from hollywood were in Epstein's black book.

"Positive Messages" movies are a classic distraction technique, especially now Modern films are littered with " The Message"

Trying to normalize Paedophiles is just one disturbing example, once they can get that in the mainstream, hell can be unleashed.

2.) 15 Mar 2023 14:14:10
It would be easy to call it all a conspiracy theory(hollywood), but then you see just how many people have done the 1 eye pose or the 666 handsign so there's definitely something lurking there.
Then there's the Epstien case. Why did no one have access to the biggest court case in modern history yet you could watch the entire Johnny Depp case in real time?
The real shame is most people were happy they could see the Depp trial and never bothered to question why there was no reporting on the Maxwell trial.
There is definitely a conspiracy to distract people and protect some very rich perverts.



12 Mar 2023 08:53:14
Relating to my previous Biblical post...

Ed032 yes, quietening the mind is an effective way to allow the voice of the Higher Self through. Otherwise our conditioned/programmmed mind gets in the way. I find the clearest insights often happen spontaneously and when I'm least expecting it.

Supasub, I hear you. God is a term with a long history of connotations. It doesn't bother me any longer but using a more neutral term can be useful as it's less likely to turn people off. Would be a cool project to re-write the Bible using more neutral terms like those.

I lean towards Pantheism or Panentheism which means 'God' is just a name for Everything, the All, universal consciousness etc. The physical universe, including each of us, is a manifestation of that fundamental force at the heart of it all. It's just a case of how clearly we each realise it. That is the path to spiritual awakening, enlightenment, or salvation, as described in the ancient texts of many cultures.


{Ed032's Note - I understand your thinking. What if, whatever the Intelligence that created everything, has actually become everything that has been created. This would make a whole heap of sense with regarding felt connections between things, past lives lived and would make sense of an image of One to be ALL.

Some on here, visiting, will probably find this all crazy but they don't actually think about what they believe. Big Bang BS where 96% is made up to make the framework fit.

I am a betting man, that now refrains. That is odds of being correct that I would throw in the bin and start again.

1.) 12 Mar 2023 17:31:57
There's a metaphor in Indian philosophy that the material world is but "God"'s dream. We are all characters in the dream but it's only One source of consciousness at the the heart of each individual. And yes that's why we might have subtle feelings of interconnectedness at times and why we get the feeling that there is 'something more'.

The Satan character is a symbol of our Ego, the part of our psyche that keeps us feeling separate by veiling the interconnectedness of all things. The part of us that fears, hates, compares, feels jealous etc. In modern day society the elite control mechanisms represent Satan in that they play to this part of our mind through media, education advertising etc- programming us to feel as isolated and separate as possible. This keeps us from fulfilling our true potential and keeps us subservient as it's easier to control a group of disparate individuals.

Yes this stuff sounds crazy at first lol. I like to think of it as valuable ancient wisdom codified for future use. Like a puzzle to gradually unravel in a search for fulfillment and freedom.

{Ed032's Note - There are a lot of similarities between faiths and philosophy. Could they all be from a single source of knowledge we know nothing about? One 'book' to rule them all? It is a wonder if that may be possible, with the prevailing texts carrying the same message in a different way. If we at least knew which were the edge pieces of the puzzle, we would have a good place to start.

2.) 13 Mar 2023 16:34:09
Hey Ed032, I like the way you think! Yes, I believe there is a single, universal truth at the heart of all religions and philosophies. We can slowly start to unravel it by studying any of them individually or all of them as a whole.

For anyone wanting to explore this idea I would suggest looking into any of the following;

*Hermetic Philosophy
*Perennial Philosophy
*Neo Platonism

{Ed032's Note - When you look at all the Realms beliefs or systems from the ancients all the way to the BS NASA produce, they are all of the same thinking of what this Realm is, apart from the latter. I don't believe in coincidence.



09 Mar 2023 19:12:01
Hey Ed032. Seems we have similar thoughts about the nature of Self and the role of scripture in helping us to understand it. The Bible is a flippin confusing set of texts to understand at times though! Probably because it contains a mix of wisdom, history, propoganda and esoteric/occult knowledge, as well as many other things. So I thought it would be cool to make a post about some of the "keys" that may help us to better understand it.

I'll throw in a few suggestions.

1) Adam, Moses and Jesus all represent humanity in general. Regardless of whether they existed in history, their stories contain wisdom about the journey of life we all face.

2) The overarching theme throughout the Bible is one of starting off with God* only to be separated from Him, then our return journey to oneness with Him. This can be seen in the stories of Adam, Moses, Jesus as well as the parable of the Prodigal Son.

3) The 'separation' from God is what we need to overcome during this lifetime. To break free from our perceived limitations and isolation. In conspiratorial terms we can think of this as breaking free from 'the matrix'.

4) The kingdom of God/Heaven is a state of mind, or rather a state of being, that we all can experience during THIS lifetime. It is the result of realising our true nature and living in alignment with it. Hell is also a state of being, of great suffering, that we experience by giving into selfish and destructive desires. Note - modern society is designed to mould us in this direction!

And so on...

*God - I appreciate this term is troublesome for many people who have a negative impression of organised religion. I've been there. I think of it these days as a symbol for the Source of our energy, will, consciousness, existence etc rather than an anthropormorphic deity sitting up in the clouds. I find this makes it more palatable and gets us back closer to the truth of how the earliest spiritual ancient folks would have understood it.

Sorry for the mega long post! I had to cut myself short, believe it or not lol. I have saved a copy in case you think it's not appropriate for this page ?


{Ed032's Note - Good post, thanks, HoneyBadger. I am lacking sleep today so my brain isn't into this deep a thought right now. I will return to this though. It is all a case of finding the breadcrumbs and piecing together the Truth. A life's work of fulfilment.

I think Bill and Ted sum it up nice and simply;

1.) 10 Mar 2023 13:58:23
No problem Ed, hope you find some energy and feel better soon! We can always revisit this topic in the future, not the kind of thing that can be worked out quickly.

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, HoneyBadger. It is more of a case of my mind being worked overtime researching big topics and like you say, it is no small subject and one I will often spend all day pondering on. It is strange because subjects such as this, I don't really think about them as such. I more hold the thought but blank my mind, I guess in a meditative-like state, and wait for the answers or ideas to appear as though it is gifted. This could also be part of this subject itself as maybe it is possible I am connecting with something I do not understand, in order to understand?

2.) 10 Mar 2023 14:41:42
I prefer "higher power" to the term "God". Completely organic/natural, for me it's a little like the "Force" in Star Wars. Flows through everything organic/natural, it is either everything or nothing, it is or it is'nt.
Our life is like a spiritual dance and everything will be ok internally and externally no matter what happens if you have faith.

{Ed032's Note - The 'Force' is a good analogy and way to comprehend it all, Supasub.

I prefer 'Intelligent Creator' as an overall summary as it explains exactly what the term represents. In the scriptures it always references we have been created in 'the image of' and working towards being as of 'The One' as an image is always lesser than from what it was created, so to be like the Creator, you have to be more or greater than oneself. By taking on understanding, does this bring you a step closer to achieving this as you feel more 'at one' with it all?

3.) 11 Mar 2023 14:33:55
Just watched an interview with Sophia Stewart, the author of The Matrix and Terminator series. It was on TikTok sadly but does the mean anything? I think it would be worth posting if you can find it Ed's.

{Ed032's Note - Is this the website you mean, Scouseduckred?

4.) 12 Mar 2023 20:44:23
Interesting but I think I need to find the show she was interviewed on.

The Connection between The Terminator and The Matrix movies with Sophia Stewart

{Ed032's Note - Interesting clip, thanks, Scouseduckred.



27 Feb 2023 21:32:13
As a race we are struggling to find purpose in a (deliberately?) chaotic world. We are suffering from individual and collective traumas caused by the dysfunctional society we live in. This stops us from feeling whole and fulfilled, which makes us more easily controlled.

The good news is there may be ways of healing those traumas and helping others to do the same. We do this by firstly getting to know our true, authentic self, that is buried beneath the fictional self which is a product of this dysfunctional system.

Gabor Maté: Finding Our TRUE Selves in a Crazy World | Know Thyself Podcast EP 34


{Ed032's Note - Thanks, HoneyBadger. I haven't listened yet, but I will get around to it later. ?




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07 Dec 2023 15:29:55
Best wishes Ed032 and hope so see you back one day. I don’t think any of us feel let down by you I know I appreciate your efforts. Look after yourself pal.




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19 Oct 2023 01:01:52
Thanks Ed033, I'll give that a go on the ipad. I'm a terrible technophobe so any advice is appreciated!




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18 Oct 2023 14:27:57
Yeah I think you're right about the controlling of narrative. It's whatever suits them at the particular time in history.

When I click download it's asking me to sign up for youtube premium at the bargain price of £16.99 (666?) per month lol.


{Ed032's Note - If you want the truth the LE have so much power these days that they want a reacharound for the honest truth.

You're a soul as equipped as me to figure out how to save this nugget of informational truth but I will have a look tomorrow. There will be somewhere it is available with out selling your soul. Trust me.



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18 Oct 2023 10:56:50
Thanks Ed032, so many dots connected for me here. It’s funny as I’m currently in Malta and been visiting many historical sites associated with Knights of Malta and the Catholic Church. So apt timing. The symbolism in those places is rife.

I always wondered why information about the Rothschilds and Jewish bankers was so easy to come by when there’s so much censorship. But I guess it makes sense if they are actually merely one face of the beast and act as a useful distraction from the Catholics/Jesuits?

Also, side note, is there any way to download this video from YouTube for free? I see it’s been added recently and I’m guessing it will disappear at some point.


{Ed032's Note - You're welcome, HoneyBadger. I am not all the way through this yet but what I have seen so far it is very post worthy. Jam packed with information.

To download the video maybe click on the download tab beneath the video? ?



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10 Sep 2023 22:38:42
Love this, my kind of content.





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