17 Jul 2023
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17 Jul 2023 13:31:47
Hopefully a coach doesn't turn up and an armed storm trooper asks you to get on it to go to a quarantine camp for your safety.


{Ed032's Note - You know ALL words are spells, Ed? What are you conjuring? ???‍♀️?‍♂️?

17 Jul 2023 17:21:09
This is what i'm thinking of:


{Ed032's Note - Scary but great short animation. It has been posted before as i am sure you know.

I wouldn't get to the point where I was a caged animal. I would show them what they are caging way before then.

17 Jul 2023 19:45:23
FTR, in the photo, the piece of card covers the name of my village. Skynet needs to earn its due the POS it is No freebies, although the signage at the top would probably be easily reversed searched. I challenge you all to name my village haha. I will think of a worthy prize.

17 Jul 2023 20:08:15
Domesday Village? Sounds like Doomsday??


{Ed032's Note - Domesday is the middle English spelling of Doomsday, as in the book allegedly from 1086.

18 Jul 2023 03:31:43
Okay bud, I'll play. Is it Iden east sussex by any chance?


{Ed032's Note - That easy? or did you just read it from the top of the sign, duccablue? ??

Guess you'll be wanting a prize now. Hmm. How about a shiny new apartment in a 15min gulag with a lifetime pass to free monthly boosters?

18 Jul 2023 13:28:26
Actually checked it out on google to make sure, looks like a beautiful part of the world. Now feel like you've earned a stalker. :) sorry if I just doxxed you but to be fair, you started it.


{Ed032's Note - It is, duccablue. It's so peaceful. I feel very lucky indeed to have my own place here. And don't worry, I didn't have to post anything. I have just been for a 5 mile walk and didn't see a soul so if anyone wanted to hunt me down. Good luck finding me. And besides, they would already know how to find me anyhow as I am sadly stuck in their system.

18 Jul 2023 15:03:25
Going back to Scouseduckred's comment. Maybe there was an actual 'DOME'sday to celebrate the Creation and the 'DOOM' has been put in it's place to hide the Truth (doom has that evil tinge, right?) I mean is 'middle English' a real thing?. Yes there are books but what I am saying is; have things been altered and hidden in plain sight? The LE love that. Is it called middle English because we are at the middle/centre of a vast Realm with ever larger 'ice walls' as the ancient maps show? Are we middle Earthers living under a massive dome in a Realm filled with an abundance of everything we could ever need??