15 Oct 2023 13:57:07
The Hidden TRUTH of the Jesuits Infiltration of the World

18 Oct 2023 10:56:50
Thanks Ed032, so many dots connected for me here. It’s funny as I’m currently in Malta and been visiting many historical sites associated with Knights of Malta and the Catholic Church. So apt timing. The symbolism in those places is rife.

I always wondered why information about the Rothschilds and Jewish bankers was so easy to come by when there’s so much censorship. But I guess it makes sense if they are actually merely one face of the beast and act as a useful distraction from the Catholics/Jesuits?

Also, side note, is there any way to download this video from YouTube for free? I see it’s been added recently and I’m guessing it will disappear at some point.


{Ed032's Note - You're welcome, HoneyBadger. I am not all the way through this yet but what I have seen so far it is very post worthy. Jam packed with information.

To download the video maybe click on the download tab beneath the video? ?

18 Oct 2023 13:36:47
"I always wondered why information about the Rothschilds and Jewish bankers was so easy to come by when there’s so much censorship."

When you take on board what this documentary is saying; There is only censorship when the narrative needs to be controlled so everything flows in the direction of the luciferian goal. 'They' do not care about you, me, anyone or if anybody knows about them and the 'objective' as long as the objective is achieved. The objective is ALL that matters. 'They' are psychopaths!.

18 Oct 2023 14:27:57
Yeah I think you're right about the controlling of narrative. It's whatever suits them at the particular time in history.

When I click download it's asking me to sign up for youtube premium at the bargain price of £16.99 (666?) per month lol.


{Ed032's Note - If you want the truth the LE have so much power these days that they want a reacharound for the honest truth.

You're a soul as equipped as me to figure out how to save this nugget of informational truth but I will have a look tomorrow. There will be somewhere it is available with out selling your soul. Trust me.

18 Oct 2023 19:43:50
i used to listen to Eric Jon Phelps a long time ago when he would guest on talk radio. This is a really good production, thanks Ed032.

MacX YouTube Downloader for Mac is free and good although it has pop ups to try and convince you to upgrade to a paid version.


19 Oct 2023 01:01:52
Thanks Ed033, I'll give that a go on the ipad. I'm a terrible technophobe so any advice is appreciated!

19 Oct 2023 08:14:24
I have pinned the original source bitchute video to the 'Red Pill' page (4th tab).