06 Feb 2024 14:39:28
Fulfilling Bible Prophesy

'The Black Awakening' Satan's Army is Ready to Rise and Destroy Humanity.
Russ Dizdar was MURDERED for Exposing the Evil Ones Plans. RUSS DIZDAR SPEAKS OF WHAT THE "CHOSEN ONES" CALL THE BLACK AWAKENING. THE ARMY SATAN HAS BEEN BUILT. Russ Dizdar speaks of what the "chosen ones" call the black awakening. The army Satan has been building for the war against God.


08 Feb 2024 17:10:58
It's already at play all Christian nations are being destroyed from within. christians are being made weak. There is something big coming and its to unleash havoc on the Christian nations of europe. Our borders have been pulled down and the whole world floods here all wanting to destroy our nations and take over.


{Ed033's Note - You got it. i think it starts ramping up big time though after March 2025 for at least 10 years [Just my guess].

10 Feb 2024 12:46:16
These so called elites have pulled the borders down and are importing millions and millions of fighting age men. The armies of the countries of Europe will be sent abroad in some manufactured war. The people of Europe left with no protection in their homelands, a mass slaughter will take place. Yeah, I've seen what 2025 seems to be looking like when it kicks off.


{Ed033's Note - i would imagine that the manufactured war is the war we've been told about all our lives - Nato v Russia [WW3], which has already started in Ukraine.

They'll probably throw anything and everything at us over the next decade in order to fulfill their prophesies. Famine, Pestilence, war, lowering the population etc.

Let's hope there's resistance as more people 'wake up'.