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24 Feb 2023 15:51:30

whats yer views on this seems some merit in it theres a book about it to

The City of Edenburgh Scotland is the real Jerusalem

United ireland

{Ed032's Note - A lot of info there, United ireland. My mind is too fractured to process it all ATM.

We know timelines and places have been altered throughout history. Finding the real Truth is very difficult.



07 Feb 2023 15:43:05
just got my megahome-distillers. do i just set up and thats me

United ireland

{Ed032's Note - Great news, United ireland. Assemble the jug, carefully. Fill the distiller with toxic tap water up to the guide line, Install the carbon filter, plug in (note that the white lines on the plugs are out of sight) turn on and you are good for four litres of watery goodness ? Basically follow the instructions, mate. Pleased for you. Good health!

p.s Don't, like I have once done, forget to put the jug under the drip nozzle. A messy clean up.

1.) 07 Feb 2023 18:54:02
just waiting on my first batch just now. need to get some sea salt tomorrow to ad a little bit. what is the reset button for

{Ed032's Note - Sea salt is the best, United ireland. But don't forget it is with the Celtic where the most minerals are haha ??

Also not forgetting lemon, raw honey, apple cider vinegar with mother. All organic and natural. You're going to be bouncing off the walls haha. Much love, pal.

2.) 07 Feb 2023 19:31:55
The reset button is basically what tells the unit to switch off, as it tells it when everything is processed. You reset it to start the next batch. It is the small button, you will hear it click once reset. The unit will not work until this is done. You will also need to bear in mind that it will not reset until the unit has cooled down.

3.) 08 Feb 2023 13:57:48
cheers. did the first batch last night and to be fair there was not much gunk in it the bottom had a little outline of discolour that's about it

{Ed032's Note - Brown/burned crystalline residue of things you don't want in your body. The gunk, for me, isn't every time I distil (which is at least every 2 days) but it seems to come and go, usually lasting a few days to a week, then I get what you describe, on every distil. What this gunk is, I do not know. I am pleased that I have no fluoride in my water now, though. They tell us they put that in there and tell us it is 'safe and effective'.



04 Feb 2023 20:55:20
ed were did use get your megahome distiller's from was it there actual site. does the distiller not take aw the minerals out

United ireland

{Ed032's Note - megahome-distillers

Yes, United ireland, it does take all the minerals out so you are left with pure water. You can then add your own minerals or extras, like apple cider vinegar, Celtic sea salt, raw honey and lemon juice, to it and then you know exactly what you are drinking. ?

1.) 05 Feb 2023 09:35:08
perfect mate i was thinking the same along the lines of the lemon and a little bit of sea salt

{Ed032's Note - Try and get some 'celtic' sea salt, United ireland, as that has extra minerals in it as a bonus.

2.) 05 Feb 2023 11:54:42
even better with me being a celtic fan haha

{Ed032's Note - Haha. They certainly showed their 'minerals' today, too. ?

3.) 05 Feb 2023 09:38:19
what's the difference between the 316 and just deluxe one mate.

{Ed032's Note - I got the 316. It is basically the grade of the metal, the 316 is graded 316 metal (google it). The 316 is capable of distilling anything, including seawater. It, IMO, is the one to go for.

End of the day it is down to the budget. It's a few pennies more, but tough as nuts. Saved my arse when the water supply here went down for over a week last year. No way would I have drunk or thought of drinking what I distilled, but yet it had no problems or degraded distilling whatever I put in it.

This is my opinion, all the distillers from megahome are awesome. The grade of metal makes them more robust to what is put in them. (I live by the sea)



20 Jan 2023 13:34:48
iv noticed theres been no moon at night for the last couple of nights. and orions belt seems to be sitting in a different position in the sky

United ireland

{Ed032's Note - I nearly mentioned the waning crescent Moon a couple of days ago, United ireland. It looked amazing. The Moon has been absent for the last couple of days (covered by a black disc?).

The constellations do change position, as you know, and being a month past the winter solstice it will be noticeable, now. Unless you noticed Orion in a strange or unusual position?

1.) 21 Jan 2023 16:36:51
yeah mate iv noticed like a disc thing covering the moon the mornings just before there has been no moon i noticed when there was like half a moon that there was like a cover over the other half you could make the outline of it out.

with orions belt iv noticed it sits over more to the east now than the west the usual position i usely seen it in when walking the dog at night this is may facing southwards looking at it

{Ed032's Note - Yes. Sometimes you can see a black disc with the whole edges lit up, which would not be possible using the globetard model. In Egyptian mythology there are 2 moons. The white Moon called 'Set' and the black or dark Moon called 'Anubis'. Anubis being the one that covers Set.

Orion does move position pretty quickly, especially if you are looking each night. Stellarium is good for checking where things should be. I am usually out in the morning, early, so everything is different, then. My village has a 'dark skies' policy so I get a great view of the heavens. Great to wonder about whilst pounding the pavement. ?



11 Jan 2023 16:44:28
zeolite lads what's your thoughts on it my auntie has been taking it

United ireland

{Ed032's Note - I have not heard of it but I will look in to it today, United ireland. I am sure the sagely Ed may know something. Unless I am just getting confused and you are talking about the LE with a German accent? (Lock, stock)

1.) 12 Jan 2023 09:13:52
Just had a little look, United ireland and the first thing I saw was that it contains aluminium. That would be enough information for me not to want to go near it. This is my opinion. I'd be interested to hears others thoughts on this.

2.) 12 Jan 2023 09:58:18
The natural health community used to think zeolites would remove heavy metals. Turns out that it isn't anywhere near as good as thought. Also contains lead and aluminium. In my opinion, best to avoid?

Mike Adams' Natural news article about it

3.) 12 Jan 2023 15:29:28
my auntie has been taking it for that reason mate says she feels a lot better was recommending it. was a bit unsure of it

{Ed032's Note - What I would do if it was my aunty, United ireland, is give her all the information and let her make an informed decision. I would probably tell her my opinion, too.

4.) 12 Jan 2023 19:37:38
If your auntie feels a lot better for taking it then there is no problem imo.

5.) 13 Jan 2023 06:21:50
was saying to her tonight she was saying today after she had some she had a right sore head. was telling her about the metals being in it she is going to stop using it a think

{Ed032's Note - There could have been a placebo effect, element to why it seemed to be a good thing. Glad to hear she is going to stop using it. The studies don't make good reading, United ireland.




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10 Feb 2024 12:46:16
These so called elites have pulled the borders down and are importing millions and millions of fighting age men. The armies of the countries of Europe will be sent abroad in some manufactured war. The people of Europe left with no protection in their homelands, a mass slaughter will take place. Yeah, I've seen what 2025 seems to be looking like when it kicks off.

United ireland

{Ed033's Note - i would imagine that the manufactured war is the war we've been told about all our lives - Nato v Russia [WW3], which has already started in Ukraine.

They'll probably throw anything and everything at us over the next decade in order to fulfill their prophesies. Famine, Pestilence, war, lowering the population etc.

Let's hope there's resistance as more people 'wake up'.



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08 Feb 2024 17:10:58
It's already at play all Christian nations are being destroyed from within. christians are being made weak. There is something big coming and its to unleash havoc on the Christian nations of europe. Our borders have been pulled down and the whole world floods here all wanting to destroy our nations and take over.

United ireland

{Ed033's Note - You got it. i think it starts ramping up big time though after March 2025 for at least 10 years [Just my guess].



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16 Oct 2023 16:28:51
seems to be the west that they have picked to be destroyed. western nations and there culture are in abso decline its the only place that have diversity forced on them

United ireland

{Ed032's Note - This is not the first reset? could this be history repeating to rewrite another HIS-STORY?

The victim is irrelevant when you are of a belief system to cause chaos? If you hate everyone outside your 'familiar' this is what happens. The LE have too much say. Sadly they have their fingers in all the pies/lies



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16 Oct 2023 14:04:29
why do they hate white people and the west so much. are they really esua and the west is Jacob.

United ireland

{Ed032's Note - The answer was 47 seconds in, United ireland;

"We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own" - Maurice Samuel - Psychopath.

I don't believe a psychopath would even know how to distinguish love or hate.



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21 Feb 2023 18:20:32
so what was the point of world war two if all there topmen end up running the show

United ireland

{Ed032's Note - Too keep the cattle in fear and division. Depopulate, whilst making money and draining the public purse. Improve on the techniques of creating deadly illusions of grandeur. Enjoy the power of the satanic one whilst worshipping the Light-bearer with blood rituals on a massive scale. Eliminating all their threats. Covering up and hiding/destruction of the old past Realm history. Paving the way for their agenda.




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