03 Aug 2021 10:01:01
Serious question for anyone who is university educated. How many scientists and experts are actually scientists or experts? Are they not just told what's the truth and have no reason to doubt it as pleasing the tutor has gotten them to where they are today? Surely they're just regurgitating what they were told so therefore they don't actually know anything they just regurgitate information whether that be true or false?

{Ed033's Note - Exactly correct. University is just like school, basically. If people are 'Awake', they know the Germ Theory is BS., Germ Theory is like telling children about Father Christmas riding in the air with flying Reindeers and then coming down the Chimneys. Doesn't take much thinking to realise this story is BS.

And yet these Medical Drs can't work out that Germ Theory is a BS. Theory when you look into it.

A Germ Theory is BS. video.

url: bitchute.com/video/dg1D18lNImyS/

03 Aug 2021 16:43:07
My younger brother used to work for a top genome sequencing R&D institution based in the capital Delhi. Later he found out the boss and few of his seniors were part of a cult named Nichiren Buddhism which was based in Hong Kong. My brother was also invited to be a part of the cult provided he showed up to all of their events.

Luckily after being part of a ritual and finding the whole thing shady he got away from it early. Also prior to this he had no knowledge about conspiracies, cults, elite, etc.

It is funny, having gone through all this he still doesn’t believe in conspiracies and thinks its just psyops to entertain people.


{Ed033's Note - Thanks for sharing.