04 Sep 2021 22:25:12
Here is part of an old post on here from January 2012, which gives the reason for the 2025 year (the true year for whatever WW3 means to the Controllers):

13 Jan 2012 16:55:50
ed, do you have anything else on the Olympics being a plan for the illuminati to stage an alien attack/ some sort of nuke attack? ive been on youtube but there is only 2 on there, which was the one you put up and one where rik clay talked about it, the rest are just silly and "rip off copies" of the two i just mentioned.


{Ed033's Note - For the regular visitors, I'll add some new info to my previous posts and join some dots. See what you think.

The new world order/negative illuminati crowd have allegedly put in writing that they want their NWO in place by 2025. I think the reason for the 2025 date is because allegedly in this year, the planets in the solar system are in their most astrological "war like" positions for the near future. So they would want to get the NWO in place before 2025 so they can then reduce the population they no longer require by half with a ritual Armageddon (nuclear war, famine, pestilence) in 2025 in compliance with the "as above, so below" part of their "religion".

05 Sep 2021 07:36:43
This is my take after the NWO taking over has happened. Some of the people here might be put off because i will be linking it from the side of the christian bible.

Agree with Ed, the new world order will be established soon and 2025 according to Ed seems plausible. I think the end time antichrist will appear around 2026/ 27.

You have to remember the Jews are waiting for their Messiah to come who will restore peace throughout the world. The problem with this messiah is he will actually be the false messiah (Antichrist) who will mislead the Jews.

The Antichrist will be a man of peace initially and the innocent people will fall for his tricks. He will also make a deal with the jewish people and allow them to worship at the Temple mount located at AL Aqsa mosque, Palestine. Israel - Palestine wars have always been about the jews going back to their holy land.

The Antichrist will be like a good Dictator at first for a few years (2027-2030) and will then show his true colours after that. Mark of the beast will also happen around this time (ID 2030)

From where and who the this antichrist will be we will only come to know later but there is a good chance he will be claiming to be the actual real christ before he gets power.

This is just my take for now and all the above sounds too crazy but i am happy a lot of people are waking up and questioning things.


{Ed033's Note - The Controllers are probably going to play out their version of the Seven Seals [Bible Prophesy].