06 Jan 2022 05:49:32
Not a religious sort myself but know some of you on here take comfort from that sort of thing including your good self Ed. Thought THIS might be of interest to you.

{Ed032's Note - Thanks, duccablue. Bit squeezed for time right now but I will get around to watching this today.

06 Jan 2022 08:51:09
i think we have to think that what he's talking about is a worst case scenario that might happen over the next 10 years.

06 Jan 2022 13:22:27
The idea that you shouldn't buy vegetables from a shop where jabbed people work because they've touched it is a bit over the top.

It's the same kind of divisive scaremongering we get from the msm and it doesn't really help anyone.

06 Jan 2022 17:52:28
That does sound like the worst case scenario but that probably deliberately, they can say they warned us it was coming(even if doesn't end up worse case scenario)and put a big push on religion and how they warned us and can save our souls.

Hope I don't offend anyone on here(no my intention) but religion has been in decline for years and I just think they would see it as a chance to give it a real boost again and gain more followers as people look more to religion in bad times.

06 Jan 2022 20:53:15
So I had chance to watch. I myself am not the religious sort either, duccablue. I am of no church although I was christened when I was less than a year old. That being said I do quote biblical things and read the scriptures, canonical and non-canonical as I feel there is more Truth to learn from them than anything we are spoon-fed by those that are of the satanic persuasion. I have also mentioned I had my local vicar visit me when he struggled with things and beliefs, so a man of God came to me for guidance when I am not even a god, but it helped him. We were created, Intelligently and for purpose and not an evolution of primordial ooze. I have beliefs but I don't have them for comfort, they show and help find the answers I seek for the questions I hold within. :)

OK. the video above is someone saying 'he' was right but he contradicts himself in the video. He states everyone who has had the 'deathvaxx' will die but later he says 'They' only want the people that the vaxx tech agrees with and doesn't die. So which is it? All die? or only the chosen live? very confusing point of view.

The hydra part I am unsure on. I have posted about this myself but it was looking for answers and not stating fact. It is impossible to know though, there has been no honest disclosure of vaxx contents, has there? and as for the hydra's seeping through skin on to everything the vaxxed touches, how would the LE avoid contact? It would be impossible. Maybe they have pied pipers that herd the hydra????

Graphene oxide has been shown in multiple cases from 'professionals' studying the vaxx contents and I think has weight to it.

Basically I agree with some of what he says but not all. I think Ed033, Rian and bert13 have made valid points. And I also think this is someone taking advantage of those who just listen and absorb things as factual belief rather than doing any of their own research, even on a very small scale. And he uses this to empower himself, don't you think?

I have seen this gentleman's face before but he only every speaks, he never presents proof (from what I have seen) and is very vague when appearing to be quoting topics.

Now I am not writing him off. Ed033 once said to me and I paraphrase but 'I do not dismiss everything said because one or more things that are said I do not believe to be fact or truth' very wise words. Saying this on here is quite funny as I only told another like minded soul this very thing yesterday.

I really appreciate your post and involvement in the site. Please continue to do so to help us find all the answers.

Brother Ed ;)

06 Jan 2022 22:29:39
My impression is that he very much likes to dramatise. His views are build on half truths and exaggeration and as mentioned by Ed he contradicts himself.
Worth remembering that even those with insight and on 'our' side can still be a little on the 'one sandwich short of a picnic' side of things.


{Ed032's Note - What are you suggesting, Tj70? ?

07 Jan 2022 03:26:49
Thanks, Ed and everybody on this site, your comments and perspective are always appreciated and well-thought-out. I very much enjoy leaping down a rabbit hole, even if, a good portion of the time, I climb back out again thinking 'naaahh, not for me'. Challenging your own perspective is a healthy endeavor and needs to be practiced.

Regarding my original post, perhaps religious was the wrong word choice Ed, with having a form of faith being the better option. I seem to recall a passage you wrote where you made a reasoned connection between believing in a flat domed Earth, which must have been created and therefor there is a creator, voila, faith. Apologies if I mischaracterized that or got you wrong. The premise is solid though. I'm personally not with you on the disk earth idea but I like the way you think and would describe myself as having faith, though strangely, I'm nearly 50 and still don't know what I have faith in.
Regarding the guy in the clip, I find it difficult to be objective and listen to any 'man of the cloth' without prejudice. I know its wrong and I should do better but find my past knowledge of what gets done in the name of God colors my opinion regardless of how careful I am to avoid that pit. I live in a religious country, mostly Roman Catholic, and my wife is both very religious and a scientist and I find it fascinating that she can sometimes hold diametrically opposing views in her head at the same time. Unsurprisingly, she doesn't like to talk about it. :). Anyway, I get a lot of opportunities to practice keeping my mouth shut. Saying that, prejudice isn't necessarily a bad thing in and off itself but rather a tool of experience. Without it, concerning knowledge of how governments, media and big business collude to create narrative, I may well have been convinced to take the jab which everyday I am more and more grateful I declined.

Thanks again everyone, you're the best of us.


{Ed032's Note - I hope I didn't give you the impression you offended me, duccablue. You didn't. :)

And yes. Challenge those perspectives you hold. It was only a few years back where I was debating on here with Ed033 that evolution was a real thing. ed033 mentioned a few things we really opened my eyes and I could finally 'see'. Haha, I really must make a fool of myself and show everyone how different my thinking was then to now. I have been meaning to since becoming Ed032 from being Southern Monkey. I have been sent all the transcripts but only have finite time with which I want to do too many things and that is still sitting on the shelf, so to speak. I will try and get round to finding that part though.

As for a 'disk Earth'. I don't know what exactly this Realm is but it is not what the Satanic Elite tells us it is with their deceitful faith and spun web of lies. I mean, if you went into 'space' what's the first thing you would do? turn around and look at the 'Realm' known as 'Earth'? If you had a camera, would you take lots of pictures to show everyone its beauty? or would you just come back to ground 'level' and create some CGI made up 'BALL'sh*t?

I think the fact you know you have faith, enjoy and absorb this site and its contents, but do not know what you have faith in is you acknowledging your own personal battle through the mind control and cognitive dissonance which ironically is why your wife chooses not to speak of her opposing beliefs of religion and science. Her cognitive dissonance must be off the scale! so I sympathise with her. Maybe sit her down to watch some of the videos on here sometime, being a scientist she must allow herself to see all available options otherwise it would be a flawed perspective? Be good to have another poster too. :)

Glad you declined the offer of a jab and thanks again for posting.

07 Jan 2022 04:14:47
Well he is correct about the separation but it wont be decided by these shady vaccines. Things will be much clearer than this during the mark.

Also many things need to happen before the mark first of which will be the war on israel by a set of countries.


{Ed032's Note - I fear you are right with the vaxxines. This is just the beginning of this chapter. A way to change perceptions and to make things feel familiar, like a new normal particularly with the younger generation who will only know this new normal having not experienced anything but this. Similar to how we have been deceived and made to forget what the 'old Free Realm'? Tatarian? Atlantean? society was like with only breadcrumbs left to decipher the Truth.