19 Feb 2022 02:44:49
Said all along that this guy was part of the problem and not the solution.

Robert Malone Controlled Opp ? Promotes His New Covid Vaccine - RED FLAG !!!


{Ed032's Note - Yes you have. No flies on you, Tj70. Thanks for posting.

I have avoided posting anything with Robert Malone (since the Rogan interview), Peter Mccullough and the likes for this reason. If Reiner Fullmich and co are to be added to this list (hopefully not, but they still beat the 'virus' drum) then we are only left with a handful of doctors that are real truthers. Kaufman, Bailey, Lanka, Cowan being the one's that spring to mind.

19 Feb 2022 11:52:45
Reliance life sciences is owned by the Ambani family who are the indian elite puppets. No doubt in my mind that relcovax is the same elite cr*p vaccine... dont believe anyone promoting it.


{Ed032's Note - Thanks for the info, mumbaianc. Hopefully your little brother is starting to be as awake as you, now?

19 Feb 2022 17:55:39
I'd be disappointed if Reiner Fuellmich is controlled opposition but in a way even if he's legitimate did we really think he could make much progress in the very same courts that appear to uphold the 'elites' agenda?
I would think that they (the courts) could employ delay after delay until the battle is either won or lost in other areas.
It's very sinister and perhaps very clever that some countries such as the UK are suddenly pulling back from all restrictions whilst others (Canada etc) are doubling down and seemingly going for broke. Do they suppose that if all countries were under oppression at the same time that collective reasoning and consciousness would create a pushback that couldn't be stopped?
It seems that the plan is still very much in place.
If behind the scenes lawsuits etc were having an effect then surely the relaxing of restrictions and the (almost) pretence that they never happened would be happening everywhere.
Whether it's more Jabs, Lockdowns, AIDS scare (and associated jabs) or 5g there are more battles ahead. I still fear that mass casualties (above what's already happened) from the jabs are yet to show and that catastrophic infertility/conception problems will become very apparent. It'll probably be blamed on global warming ,a ridiculous thought not so long ago but seems the majority will believe anything they are told sadly.


{Ed032's Note - You won't be alone in the disappointment, Tj70. I strongly believe that isn't the case though. I will admit I am not totally sure of the end game of this 'Grand Jury' but at this time it is going through the 'Court of Public Opinion' and not the LE controlled courts. I just don't see how that many people who are unaware/sleeping through what is going on has 5 hours every other day, to watch this sessions being overseen by Reiner and his peers. I struggle to keep on top of it myself, only watching parts.

As you say, there is a divide in the approach of different countries. Ed033 has often conjected about 2 sides of the LE coin. Neither side being good but each have slightly different agendas although they both have total control at the heart of their visions for the future. Maybe this could explain what we are seeing? or maybe not?. Maybe it is all part of the misdirection, to cause confusion in even those that are awake as it definitely makes one question, as we are.

I fear you are right with your next statement. This is the beginning with worse yet to come. The whole 5g thing - The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg, a book I am soon to read, seems to be about the 'Spanish Flu' being tied into the start of electricity grid ( I believe?) as said, I have not read it myself yet but if this is the case and the evolution of electricity is involved in the progression of what we are fed to believe is to do with 'virues' then 5g is the next wave. Then we have the whole HIV/AIDS analogies. If you read into these 'illnesses' then the similarities are uncanny and very, very worrying. The underlying theme throughout seems to be, filling everyone with 'big pharma' drugs and worse.

Here is a short quote from the NHS website:

"Most people experience a short flu-like illness 2 to 6 weeks after HIV infection, which lasts for a week or 2.

After these symptoms disappear, HIV may not cause any symptoms for many years, although the virus continues to damage your immune system."

Yes, global warming is always being involved to forward the LE agenda and you are right to say that sadly, sheeple will believe anything they are told, be it 'Stockholm syndrome' empathy or just people having no mind of their own. It is probably a mixture of both.

One thing we can be sure of as the LE puppets have all been saying it for decades. 'Population control (depopulation)'. This is the goal post of all the LE agendas.

19 Feb 2022 20:59:37
Well Ed, you've given me renewed hope. I didn't realise that the court case was taking place in a more 'neutral' setting. That sounds very positive.
I'd heard various snippets about radio waves/ microwaves and their propagation being touted as a possible reason for flu like illnesses (Spanish Flu included). Again, I'll admit I don't know much about this but it seems plausible. There does seem to be a correlation between 5G and illness, perhaps sadly this will only become a bigger problem.
I also heard that vaccinations were given for Spanish flu and it was this that caused the mass deaths. I didn't think vaccinations were around at this time so maybe this is false but if true then it certainly is a case of history repeating itself.
It seems (if you believe in terrain theory) that viruses are produced by our own bodies in response to an external influence/threat such as a change in the electric field we are subjected to. These viruses are then (according to germ theory) confused as the source of an illness and are deemed to be the enemy. Scientists (or f***wits as I call them) come along and say hey let's inject poison to prime the body or kill the virus.
Taking it a stage further we now have an enhanced vaccination (mRNA) that will effectively either maim, kill or make infertile a huge majority of the population. Wow, we really do share this realm with some deranged entities (can't bring myself to say humans).
By looking at all the intricate details it's worth remembering the bigger picture. This is all part of the simulation that we call life and there are so many possible reasons for it playing out like this. Pre-determined and accepted roles and outcomes, free will, good controllers (Gods) against evil controllers (also Gods).
'Life is but a play'. Some very decent people will play 'baddies' in the theatre, is this just a larger scale version? Do we simply have 'roles' to play?


{Ed032's Note - My soul takes strength in the fact I have enabled you to have some 'renewed' hope, Tj70. I fear this next video will take it all away again, but it is something you must watch.


Yes, 'viruses' are nothing more than 'dead cell debris' so a natural part/component of a cell and, like you say, a part of our body(or organism/living entity). 'Viruses' don't exist, have never once been isolated (because they don't exist) and they certainly do not float around through the air spreading disease. You can visualise and see that 'viruses' come from 'within' the living by watching something living rot. It will rot from the inside out, not the outside in.

Now if you think of something rotting inside of you (cell breakdown) then this is something not wanted inside the body so it is cleared up by bacteria and suchlike. Illnesses and disease arise when some types bacteria expel toxic waste into the body. This would cause toxaemia and the main reason this would come about is because of the 'terrain' being flawed. This is usually a result of someone being unhealthy, eating innutritious foods, poisoning their bodies with chemicals such as alcohol, smoking, drugs (ahem) which creates the perfect environment for toxaemia to get a stronghold. This is a massive topic and I don't want to spend all morning writing about it in this post, but if you or anyone else needs some guidance over how to study and look into this subject I will happily help. I believe you know what I am talking, Tj70, I am just speaking to the wider audience).

You mention the bigger picture. Now this isn't me saying you have been ' a very naughty boy' (Life of Brian :) ) but I think it needs to be realised that this amazing Realm is a Creation. made so by the Intelligent One and not the many.

I think you need to be more refrained in the use of capitalising (G)god/s.

There are many gods. Be them good or evil. There are also many false gods. One's that seek to be the One, to rule over souls and control. This is what the Luciferian Elite are doing their best to be, a false god, and in doing so smite the Intelligent One with mocking deliberation to corrupt the entire Realm of which the One is ALL.

This all sounds very 'preachy' doesn't it? Not my intention but there is quite simply no other way of putting it. I have spent my life researching and it always comes down to the same 'facts'. Take from it or make of it what you will as I am only speaking honest truth.

'Do we simply have 'roles' to play?' . Simply. Yes. The ironic thing is, though, is that there is nothing simple about it for it gets overthought. Rather than thinking of things or a life's lifetime as a 'role'. Think of it as a 'duty'. It is not fixed in form and a soul always has a 'choice' whether to fulfil their duty or to treat it with disregard and turn their backs on it. They can do as they wish. A duty is something that transcends the 'self' to be beyond 'oneself' to be greater than that of its own components. Imagine a Realm where all souls lived in an anti-narcissistic way where they found purpose beyond a mirror or a camera and beyond the limitations of the 'me' and rather made it about 'we'. This is the vision of the ALL.

20 Feb 2022 17:50:03
Some very interesting points Ed. I will certainly have a look at the video you posted.
Anything that can help fill in the missing pieces is welcome.
The whole nature of reality and the God-head is a fascinating topic and one that has many possibilities.
Whilst not a religious individual, rather a spiritual one, I find the creation story interesting. I feel that there is a significant oversight in the 'headline' telling.
If you look at posters, quotes and the like it will always quote Genesis 1:27 which will say something along the lines of God made Man in HIS own image. Therefore we (from an early age) get the impression of a singular God.
However, just prior to this famous quote is Genesis 1:26 which states...Then God said "let us make Man - someone like OURSELVES.
This is very rarely mentioned. It's either a mistake (doubtful) or a massive hint that God is not singular or is maybe the 'leader' or 'king' of a race/beings.
All I can say with certainty is that I would prefer to be on the side of goodness and positivity and not the satanic side of things, regardless of the nature of the benevolent Creator(s).


{Ed032's Note - If you go literally by the (many) scriptures there is the One who is the All and from which, created the many (gods), in one of the first of the aeons, in which, there is no mortal souls. It is not until a new aeon after that of the previous ones that the All spread out of the Spiritual into the physical so I would assume the many gods created from the One are to whom is being spoken in Genesis 1:26 and they are all an image of the All (One).

I too seek the missing or hidden pieces. I am not afraid to look for them where ever they may be found but I know I won't find them by being told how to think, how to be or what to believe is truth. I guess I walk along the top of the fence to get a better view, so to speak. Like you, I feel I am spiritual in nature. Does that make me religious? I don't know or really worry about as it will not change me, it will just be another name (or rather box to be put in) which is much more pleasant than some I have be called.

It is very apparent you stand on the side of goodness, Tj70. I think all on this site will stand next to you in that belief and would never bow to the LE satanic ones.

21 Feb 2022 12:20:16
My understanding is God was talking to the Angels that he created in a similar fashion to himself.
God is God and there's only one God but his creations ie Angels are far superior to us mere humuns.


{Ed032's Note - Yes, that was to whom I was referring, Unapologetically negative. It just depends on which scriptures you reference as to a name. Appreciate your input.

21 Feb 2022 19:39:50
Nice one edd. I don't go to church or anything but my pops was a religious man so going from memory.
As much as I believe in God I don't personally believe in the church. If anyone does then that's cool.
I guess deep down it's all pretty much the same thing different names and different ideas. Just be the best person you can and help others when you can.
If I am to be judged by a god when it's my time hopefully a little pity will be used. I am far from perfect but do my best to be an ok person.
Hope all's well your end I know you had a few troubles at home.


{Ed032's Note - Yes, I have always had the feeling that churches have been sullied by those in control. I seek understanding and hold the Intelligent Creator in the highest regard as They have done a beautiful job with this Realm we find ourselves in, if that makes me religious then I am fine with it.

There are many tales of people trying to reach the heavens and being separated with the inability to communicate. This could be why there are many religions. I do not know but I am reading many books and in older times I would probably be burnt as a witch. But the Intelligent spark that gave me life knows who and what I am so as long as I stay true to myself hopefully I will find my path.

I think the whole point is the fact that NOONE is perfect and acknowledging this is noble act, so I hope you get the judgement you seek.

Things at home are interesting, I don't think I could have chosen a worse time to jump on the wagon, but I guess it is all part of the test.

Cheers, Apologetically negative.

21 Feb 2022 19:45:35
Also just referring to the le and the depopulation, would it not make more sense to have more people than less?
I believe the ideas to have as many people turn away from God. Makes sense to have more people alive than less to achieve this.
Possibly it's a case that enough have already turned from God in their eyes??


{Ed032's Note - If the vaxx is manipulating and changing Intelligentially created DNA and this is being 'marked' The being 'alive' doesn't really stay apart of the equation.

Killing innocents makes the LE feel powerful. Like a god, but they will only every be an imitation of such and by their beliefs, a satanic life, which ends.

It would seem they only want people that will bow and serve, and for this they would not need that many. It is difficult to comprehend the inside and workings of a satanic mind, so I do not know the full answer.

I assume you are aware of the Georgia Guidestones, Unapologetically negative?