19 Dec 2022 16:55:55
I have tried to enlighten a family member this week and it has drawn to my attention a glaring hole in some, maybe many, peoples perceptions.

I am a messenger. I only speak my understanding of the Truth. I know for a fact no soul in this Realm actually understands me. I do not speak in gospel, I speak of my journey. To inspire other souls to think, not to follow.

There is a disclaimer at the top of this site. READ IT. I am not responsible for YOUR CHOICES.

I am happy to share mine explanatorily That is not your cue to follow, unless you have thought it out for yourself.

That is not something sheep usual hear.

19 Dec 2022 17:05:33
you can lead a horse to water


{Ed032's Note - ? one of my favourite sayings. You are so of.my kin, Ed033.

Not quite true in this case. The horse drank the whole ******g river and it was too much. Now reinforced to revert back to type. So that's my fault.

People are so low right now they blindly jump into the pan. Not my fault but can not deny I feel its burden.

19 Dec 2022 19:40:50
Double whammy isn't Ed. being accused of telling them lies and making them belief your delusions!!! Guess we've all experienced similar in recent times.

Do you remember the line in a famous move.....'You can't handle the truth'.

Well...you can handle the truth and have been deemed worthy of such for a reason. The reason being that what you do makes a difference in the world.

It takes a certain type of individual to cope with knowledge and use it correctly, whilst at the same time knowing that ridicule and anger will come your way.

No matter the challenges we face, feel a humble gratitude for the understanding we have.

My way of handling the pressure comes from a certain appreciation that one day, in this life or the next it will be realised by the individuals in question that we were on the right lines and were actually trying to help them.

Anger, pity and ridicule directed towards us are just the price we must pay to be true to ourselves. It's a price worth paying many times over.


{Ed032's Note - I agree, Tj70 but the situation is a little more complex with what happened and I was more pointing towards people should do there own research , not take anyone's word and question everything.

Long story short. You can not just stop taking strong medication.

20 Dec 2022 17:33:34
I'm with you.

Instead of taking baby steps, they jumped off a cliff and then blamed you for putting the cliff there.


{Ed032's Note - Others are, yes. I will just not suggest anything to family members anymore. It seems to only make matters worse as, love them as I do, the rest of my family are sheep. Although some do agree I could be right but carry on anyway. ?‍♂️

21 Dec 2022 12:12:59
Fear & ignorant bliss Ed. It's an easier option than truth/a more emotionally painful alternative.


{Ed032's Note - They wanted to be free. They just went about it way too quick and confronted all the demons at once.

That would make even Constantine's b**hole twitch.

22 Dec 2022 23:49:59
I'm all for questioning what we read, are told and led to believe, but I don't understand why those more open to questioning the 'truth' feel it necessary to belittle and condescend those that don't have such a suspicious and mistrustful mindset? You're opinions would receive a better reception if you took a more humble stance and was less 'preachy'.


{Ed032's Note - Welcome to the site, AWRAWA and thanks for posting.

I am sorry you feel I am 'preachy'. I would have said 'ranty', veneered with bitterness and disappointment for being blamed for someone else's choices and the whole point of the OP was to make sure people understand they need to do their own research.

Did you rent the soapbox? or did you bring your own?