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25 Sep 2023 19:25:53
What was the cause of death of female footballer Maddy Cusack who "died suddenly" this week. We will see. I have seen an image of her advertising taking the vaccine in 2021 though.
Will we get some more detail in the small print in the next few months? Heart attack or clot is my guess.




18 Sep 2023 14:09:38
Russell Brand? I can't say I have an opinion on it apart from I couldn't work out if he was part of the problem or part of the solution?
It does seem like the media have a file on anyone and can come up with a programme within 24-48hrs.
One ex claimed she was approached months ago for info. I know he's a tool but this is coming across as very orchestrated.
Maybe another example of silencing some noisy people before the next wave?


{Ed032's Note -
You have probably unknowingly summarised exactly what RB is, Supasub. A 'tool' (something someone uses to make the job they need doing, easier?).

"part of the problem or part of the solution?"

Both. A trickster to distract/confuse/irate. He has no soul. If you trust the word of a man? in that state.(He had no soul before he sold it. Sold what? I do not know.)

Good luck.

1.) 18 Sep 2023 20:00:30
i never listen to Russel Brand, so just to speculate; maybe he's gone off script a bit lately and they want him back promoting the Satanic, Far Left ideology?

2.) 19 Sep 2023 20:04:50
Radio 2 today they wasn’t bothered by the rumours. They were bothered by his YouTube conspiracy page. It’s all to do with him being against the agenda. Just like Tate.



07 Sep 2023 09:08:13
You couldn't make this up.
As from September 11th (ironic date) Natwest are going to start limiting the amount of money you can deposit and yes the amount of money you can withdraw.
Might explain why Pauly had issues with Barclays as I'm sure other banks will follow.


{Ed032's Note - Sounds plausible, Supasub.

1.) 07 Sep 2023 17:28:50
I would recommend Nationwide Building Society to anyone. Commitment to not shut local branches and £150 available to switch accounts. Only had one suspected fraudulent activity, sorted it straight away.?

{Ed032's Note - That's who I am with. This devil actually gives reacharounds.



13 Aug 2023 21:11:19
Just wanted to make it a bit clearer to scousereduck that you mentioned "BRICS token". There is no BRICS token so to speak and there probably won't be apart from maybe a fixed stable coin.
It is BRICS as a payment network for Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Arfica. Brazil connect South America, India & China connect to Asia. BRICS has this week been mentioned to be joining with SCO which is a Singaporean payment facility.
Ripple this month announces a partnership with Singapore banking system.
Ripple have already been trialled and approved in Canada, Australia, Europe and most of Africa & Asia.
Ripple has already trialled cbdc's with the biggest bank(S) (and they will use Ripple tech = XRP) in Brazil, China, India & South Africa. Russian trials have been rumoured but never really confirmed. This has been going on since 2018 not including all the other countries.
These countries want to lessen the influence of the dollar over them.
Ripple can, Is and will become a reserve currency for most if not all banks/financial institutions. Connect the dots.
If you look at the Bank of England's roadmap for their iso20022 cbdc implemtation it clearly shows going live around spring 2024 (I'm guessing April 2024 for the start of a new financial year).
Why do you think there are some powerful people in the US who wish to hamper/hinder it?
I've been looking into this for years and this is all coming to fruition. It could be part of a reset. I just thought I'd summarise it better for you or anyone else.


{Ed032's Note - Thanks for all the info, Supasub.

1.) 14 Aug 2023 15:33:58
Cheers Supasub, my confidence in it all is still low. There will be a financial Reset and there will be considerable more 'losers' than winners.



20 Jul 2023 12:36:01
Hi ed, just transfered 200 XRP to the fund, hopefully you can hold for a period of time before converting as it goes up in value. Just confirm that it arrives to the correct address listed above. See if we can get you to target in value over the next month or 2 and if not I may need to send some more depending on circumstances.


{Ed032's Note - Wow, Thank you very much, Supasub. Incredibly kind of you. Yes it has transferred OK. Maybe I should have a separate amount showing each crypto donation as they are variable and show that and the full 'total' above. I'll figure it out. Could get complicated for a Southern Monkey.

You are very appreciated, Thanks again. ?

I have a very small amount of XRP and XLM and noticed things we're getting lively.

1.) 20 Jul 2023 13:15:48
Added to the top total. Looks a bit messy like it is. I see if I get bored updating it and change it to something more suitable. haha. Cheers, buddy ?✌

2.) 20 Jul 2023 13:16:43
Nice, np, I must admit I was fed up with seeing the £580 amount for a while when visiting. Hopefully get you there in the next few months & good idea to have the variable amount showing too.

{Ed032's Note - I am humbled by all the donations. I am just some guy that's had a lot of misfortunate things happen and struggling to find a way out but the kindness of real world strangers have a big enough heart to want to help me. I really can not put into words quite what that means. I am posting a little, what feels like, a confession below.

3.) 20 Jul 2023 13:19:49
And yes it's going to get a lot more lively over the coming weeks & months.

{Ed032's Note - Regarding your incredible donation. Would you like it kept as ALL XRP or would you suggest splitting it with XLM? I am very happy either way. I have no idea with crypto and refer it to better minds on the subject. Thanks, Supasub.

4.) 20 Jul 2023 13:56:37
This almost feels like a confession. It is not but because of my nature, it feels that way. Basically, I used 'credit' to purchase a HeaWea (health wearable) MicroGen. I have no money so I had no other way to try it out. It is a frequency healing device based on 'Rife's' work into understanding everything. It's all about frequencies. He is of the same ilk as Tesla. Anyway, I had to use donations to help me pay it back. The money has all been used for the same cause, to help me find a way out of this incredibly trying circumstance, so I am not a fraud. Hopefully the way I write tells people that. I am honest. I feel so bad about this though. Maybe I should start a tab documenting everything I am trying with the donations made to help heal me? It is difficult to be completely open about everything but I want to share ways to heal that are not part of the satanic system.

Now, I want to do a review on this MicroGen but I don't know it works, as of yet. I have the idea it is but the problem is we always want a quick fix, right? Go to the doctors, get some Pharma pills, all good? We all know this is BS, a cash cow and suppresses symptoms rather than fixing/curing the problems that cause the symptoms making you a life long cash cow. Thing is we now expect all forms of healing to be instant. Sometimes this is the case but not always and the latter is more common. It is the same with anything in life. Things earned over long periods of time are much more long lasting and meaningful.

OK, so any feedback on my confession will be humbly received. The rest of the money raised will go towards other old tech/new tech based on old tech devices. I am hoping to get a Tesla frequency healing device. It would be over 100 years old but I have contacts that can supply such things in full working order. There are so many devices that could help. The problem I have is 1. Money. And 2, knowing exactly what I need to do to help me. It is a very trying and confusing time for me but the test I face is bringing out character and persistence builds strength, yes?

Anyhow, sorry for the jibba-jabba. Here is HeaWea's main advert, check out their channel for more about them and in the future, expect a review from me.

Peace and love ✌

5.) 20 Jul 2023 14:56:32
It's up to you ed whether to just hold as XRP or split to XLM. It may be prudent to split between the 2, maybe check with ed033 to see what he thinks.

{Ed032's Note - Crypto seems a betting game so in my mind it's always better to hedge your bets and as they seem to both be tied in the same upturn I don't see a red flag. I wait and see if the sagely one has a comment. It will probably be like an Ed002 legendary comment...this is the wrong site ??

6.) 20 Jul 2023 16:35:31
Hi Ed032 did you go direct to Heawea for your machine.

{Ed032's Note - I did. This however was a mistake. Not because of customer service, but because of cost. Going direct, unless you have an affiliation, will cost you more. It is the way things are. If you are thinking of a purchase I recommend going through Clive De Carles website but the thing is, there are no extras/add ons supplied via this route. I got one with all the add ons as I feel it could genuinely help. I was convinced. It was around £500ish all in all. I am not disappointed, yet.

My condition is complex. I feel any remedy will take time. However. I rolled my ankle, proper f****d it, 2 weeks tomo. I didn't really think about using this gadget for that but I wish I had as soon as it happened as it has helped. So, it has helped acute pain/problems quickly so maybe chronic conditions take time to heal?

You won't have asked unless you are seeking help for you or others. I wish you and yours the very best, my friend. ✌?

7.) 20 Jul 2023 15:44:21
I don't gamble ed, without going into detail i'd stick with XRP, BTC, XLM in that order with XRP having potential for most growth percentage wise over the other 2 mentioned imo. As of what has happened a week ago I don't think XRP will ever got down to £0.5 or below ever again. It should only steadily go up now over the coming weeks & months.

{Ed032's Note - I feel my response may offend you, it is nott meant that way if you think it through.

How can you say you haven't gambled? I am not saying you have done anything wrong. You are wise beyond most folk I meet. But to think you were not gambling? that is foolish and I think better of you than that. Wake up, friend ✌

8.) 20 Jul 2023 21:28:17
Hi Ed I got diagnosed with arthritis in my knee and got given some exercises to do. What amazed me was the lack of Drugs given. Then I mentioned it to an old school friend and he told of a supplement which i've just starting taking, I'll you and everyone informed of what happens.
Thanks for all the info that you share on here.

{Ed032's Note - Sorry to hear that, AlFred. Arthritis is usually caused by bone on bone wear. The effects of which can be lessened if you strengthen all the surrounding muscles to do their full job and support the injury. Your consultant would only give pain killing drugs which TBH in my experience, do not kill pain they just slowly kill you. Glad you are not on them, buddy.

What supplement are you taking? and yes please keep us informed on your progress not only to know you are doing well but to share any REAL health info.

The MicroGen maybe something to look into? ATM I can not recommend purely as I do not know it will help. That is not saying that it won't help, though. I hope you understand me?

9.) 20 Jul 2023 23:51:11
I understand Ed. I view it as higher risk. I have medium to low risk investments and crypto is my higher risk but a calculated risk. When I say I don't gamble I mean in the generic term, apps, sporting events etc (apart from the grand national once a year). I see gambling as you either end up with something or nothing on a result. With say crypto, I can end up with less than or more than, not something or nothing if that makes sense.

{Ed032's Note - I am not judging but by what you say it sounds like you have a very well set up portfolio, Supasub. A wise man for not gambling also. I am a gambler that no longer gambles. I use to be a semi-pro online poker player until the market got flooded with donks. Thinking about the cash flow and amount of money going in and out of my bank account when I was playing then, now, is absolutely insane! A little tip; Don't play me at Texas Hold'em. ???

10.) 21 Jul 2023 16:11:42
Well done Supasub




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25 Sep 2023 13:22:10
Well I hope my wife had the Pfizer saline shot twice. Sv40 sounds horrible.
I know she's not having anymore and I'm not going to look into this detail any further as it'll just get me down or into a rage.


{Ed032's Note - I sympathise, Supasub. The alarming thing to me is the similarities with this report and the ones Dr Brian Ardis has been showing with all the data for the presence of venom peptides from snakes, spiders, sea snails you name it also infecting the bacteria in your gut to turn them into internal venom/poisoning centres and seeing that SV40 is a 'virus' and a 'virus' has never in all eternity, been proven to actually exist. 1+1= the sneaky bas****s have been using venom all along, spending decades (back to when the biggest snake oil salesmen took over the whole flipping medical empire ( as well as the banks) and then made legislation to keep them there and make their word gospel/unquestionable) combining different traits of the venom (to disguise it? build a false viral narrative?), adding nanabiotech so it can be activated remotely? targeted areas/individuals?

Step out of line, you die?

I am pretty sure everyone will step in line, no?

Scary AF.



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24 Sep 2023 18:58:55
Thanks Ed. Just got back to my shire from a weekend in Brighton with LGBTQ+ community. I was thinking, If only they added an "H" on the end for heterosexual then it would mean everyone and be all inclusive.
Then we are 1 again! Doesn't fit the narrative though does it.


{Ed032's Note - It has probably been neon 20 years since I went to Brighton. I dread to think what it is like now. I have been to a lesbian wedding. I don't understand them but I have no problems with the LGB's of this realm. It is all the other sick perverts, that apparently in some parts of the realm (LE trying to make it ALL) are appropriate for teaching kids, that I think need a lot of urgent help and possibly sectioned as they are mentally deluded. The only camps big enough to house this kind of problem are being built to silence the people speaking the truth because the snowflakes can't handle it. Most people will probably be too busy and distracted donating to all the pregnant men in Ukraine dying from climate change. ?‍♂️?‍♂️

Hope you had a good day, pal. Many happy returns ?



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24 Sep 2023 18:53:58
Lol. Thanks Ed. Spent the weekend in Brighton sorting my eldest daughters uni accommodation. It was a major event, what with the drama. Unfortunately the cupboards were lacking in ingredients and the nearest I got was a spiraling power shot in Wagamama & a green tea. Very rock and roll.✌️




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17 Sep 2023 12:14:47
Lol. No just come as you are. Funnily enough, when I was in Rhodes a couple of weeks ago, a lady working at the hotel explained how everything around her house was destroyed. Her house was ok, built mainly of stone and I asked if her house had a blue roof as quite a few do in Greece and she said yes.
Also her window frames were a blue type colour.
How do I explain to the wife we could do with painting our roof blue? Would be fine if we lived in Greece but in the UK? I'll get that funny look.


{Ed032's Note - If you also paint the walls yellow you could just say you are supporting Ukraine?



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17 Sep 2023 11:02:39
Ashwaganda, turmeric, ginger and supergreen mocktails round mine. :)


{Ed033's Note - Sounds good, but do the guests have to paint your house blue as compensation?




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