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18 Nov 2023 07:15:55
A good few yrs ago (15 or so) I joined the freemasons. My grandad was pretty high up in there and was a well respected freemason.
I'm a 3rd degree master Mason.
True story this.

When my nan passed away (1983) my grandad was dying of loneliness.
A work colleague of his was worried about him and decided to help him snap out of his depression. He ended up setting my grandad and his mum up. They were happy for a while.

Then he asked him along to the masons. He knew if he joined he would have a new social life. My grandad joined and he takes any commitment seriously and he progressed and progressed for over 30 odd years.

I joined because I was told I'd get loads of work through them. I had my own business at the time. I joined and I made some contacts but never gained financially. I ended up in jail over another incident and so I didn't go back as to not cause any grievance for my grandad.

To him it was a social life and he met some really good friends. He wanted nothing from them. I went through a few rituals (thought it was a load of bollox really) and progressed to a mastermason. I thought nothing of it at the time but in the years that followed I then realised just what both of us have been involved in. I didn't see anything sinister tbh.

I just saw a lot of old men just wanting company. It's very loyalist and upper-class but me, a proud republican, didn't view it as anything more than me being a snake to get more work. I did ask him about the 33rd degree and he told me it didn't exist. Any questions I'll try and answer if you've got them and thanks for reading


{Ed033's Note - Thanks for posting.



27 Sep 2023 22:25:30
You'd think with all these 5g towers I'd be able to get a signal in the bathroom ?




23 Sep 2023 14:54:41
I heard a theory years ago which I believed to be far fetched.
Lizards like wet and damp conditions.
I think you're right though. I believe it's to demoralise people.
I mean 9 weeks of bad weather in the summer holidays and the minute the kids go back to school...82f and incredibly humid.
I'm not soft. I pick up on a lot of things even more so now.
You're right, though, about what riles me. I am a hot weather man. My place of work is a basic shed type unit but allows me to build my business. The problem is heating. In the summer months it's superb. In the winter months it's baltic. It would take a lot of money to install a heating system that is adequate, but at the moment the business is just starting to get into profit. I look forward to having 5/6 months of the year with decent temps as it helps with drying time and we can work comfortably. To have the summer as cold as winter and storms every other day is a daily battle in work.
Now I know that this year I will have had 5/6 weeks of good weather and nothing but shite until mid 2024 makes me so fucking irate I could honestly assassinate the LE personally. That's the response they want from me. It's to bring out your anger and bitterness. I get it. I can't help feeling it though.


{Ed032's Note - I'm intrigued by your line of work, Pauly77. When you mention 'shed type unit' and 'drying times' it sparks my interest by the scale ;)

On a serious note. I understand things are 'able to' bring out anger and bitterness (I am an Ed on the mental health page, maybe have a read on there) but it is a choice to control it as best you can (or not) or better still, repurpose it. Use that negative energy for something positive. That'll really piss the LE off.

1.) 24 Sep 2023 20:57:29
Lol ?



19 Sep 2023 09:29:41
Here's a mad one for you.
I was stood about 100ft away from a 5g tower and my dog was still in the field and was hiding from me (he's a rotty) it was dark and I couldn't see him. I started shouting aggressively for him to stop hiding and get his arse out the field to where I was stood. I started to feel a strong wind out of nowhere hitting me and I thought this is a storm brewing. I then turned and noticed the tower behind me. I then talked to my dog very calmly and lovingly. Now maybe it was my imagination but the strong winds immediately stopped. I mean immediately and instantly it was calm. My question is this. Do you think those towers are reacting to emotions expressed by people? I know it sounds far fetched and it may just be my imagination but it was strange to say the least.


{Ed032's Note - If all words and thoughts cast spells I would imagine the emotion attached to said spells will have an effect on the outcome. It has been proven that words/emotions affect water/ice and everywhere is saturated with water, emotions can affect the weather?

With regards the 5G tower. IMO it is more likely that is effecting your emotions rather than the other way around. Was your dog hiding from the tower?

1.) 19 Sep 2023 17:31:34
No he was sniffing as much piss and shit as he could get his nose into.
I remember ghostbusters 2 from yrs ago and the evil was spreading due to the nasty emotions people were throwing out there. It just made me think for a minute.

2.) 19 Sep 2023 21:32:47
It’s a dogs life Pauly



14 Sep 2023 09:54:53
I never believe anything about dates being exact for some cataclysm, but I do look for the symbolism and the very subtle chess move that happens on that date.


{Ed032's Note - Yes. I agree to a certain extent, Pauly77. If you get the dates from the position of all the luminaries and you also know what these positions mean. Then you are on to something. I suspect all calendars other than this have been altered to hide things we are no longer aware of. Replaced with satanic rituals?




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01 Dec 2023 23:53:33
If that doesn't wake you up, you're already worm food.


{Ed033's Note - You'd think



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07 Oct 2023 23:06:52
Who knows, eh? Do you endeavour to be a positive influence in people's lives and, more importantly, your own? That's all that matters.




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06 Oct 2023 22:40:44
I watched a video yrs ago about the arc and how it is passed around the world giving rise to empires like Rome/Britain/Germany all were given the arc and with it ultimate power but it has to be passed on. Apparently, it has been in the possession of the USA for some time now.
I couldn't say that it's true, but it was a very interesting video. Would be worth your while trying to find the video as I think you'd enjoy it.


{Ed032's Note - I think I have seen it, Pauly77. It's an interesting thought of the possibility that these things could just be old world tech.



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01 Oct 2023 19:03:12
I stopped paying my lecky bill (edf) last November. I'm all good. I get letters asking for meter readings, which I supply, and I get a bill that I will pay when I'm back on my feet. You should all do something similar.


{Ed032's Note - I sadly have a smart meter. They want me to pay 180. I tell them I can only afford to pay 40, if they want more they will have to take me to court because I have not got it or maybe the can give me a cut of the 10X profits they are making ripping everyone off.

My tariff is almost doubling in a weeks time. Oh happy days. ???



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01 Oct 2023 09:19:53
Where do you live? I haven't experienced any power cuts. How often has this happened to you?


{Ed032's Note - South East coast. 4 x water supply (longest was 4 days) 6 x power cut (longest 3 days). I did get £120 credit from the water company, I don't recall receiving anything from the electric company though I do admit my eyes are usually watery from all the crying about the size of my bill and my vision is compromised whenever I view my account. ?




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