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10 Nov 2023 21:31:52
Most vaccines are contaminated with toxic Glyphosate? which is Monsanto's Roundup herbicide.

Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff, scientists, just published the fifth peer-reviewed publication on glyphosate. The title is "Glyphosate pathways to modern diseases V: Amino acid analogue of glycine in diverse proteins" .

In order to discuss the most recent scientific discoveries regarding glyphosate and its potential for harm to all living things, including people, Tony Mitra conducted an interview with Anthony Samsel.

Anthony Samsel brought up the topics they will be covering in their sixth paper during the interview. This includes a variety of vaccinations that contain gelatine and egg protein, two animal byproducts. If the vaccine manufacturers were employing factory farmed animals fed GMO feed laced with glyphosate, he feared these goods might also be tainted with the herbicide.

He obtained a lot of vaccines that actually contain egg proteins and gelatine and had them examined in several labs in order to confirm. The outcome validated his suspicion. The vaccinations themselves include a significant amount of glyphosate contamination, which puts those who are and will be vaccinated with these products at great risk.

This video only covers that portion of the talk

10 Nov 2023 19:28:44
9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money documentary by James Corbett

What was 9/11? A terrorist atrocity? An attack on America? The first round of a new war? “A day that changed everything”?

Though the question may seem straightforward, our response is crucial. It dictates our course of action for that day's investigation. And when you take away the evocative language and the terrifying imagery, what's left is this straightforward truth: 9/11 was a crime. And as with any crime, investigators have one main requirement to meet in order to find the culprits: Follow the money.

09 Nov 2023 18:13:25
Sofia Smallstorm interviews Dave McGowen about his book, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream, which started as a web series years ago that was delving into what might actually be the true roots of rock music.

McGowan discovered that the iconic rock groups from our childhood, such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Doors, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, The Beach Boys, Captain Beefheart, Steppenwolf, and Three Dog Night, which are still in demand today. Not to mention film producers and performers like Steve McQueen, Jack Nicholson, Spielberg, Lucas, and Marlon Brando and songwriters such as Roy Orbison and Phil Ochs mostly had family ties to the military industrial complex and all go back to this place called Laurel Canyon, which was formerly a military installation that was transformed into an impressive recording and film facility. The interview also delves into the subject of living legends manufactured through mind control.

09 Nov 2023 14:37:23
NMN/NAD Booster supplements [slow aging down?] with Dr. Nichola Conlon

09 Nov 2023 07:41:51
First high court case in UK to determine whether Oxford AstraZeneca Covid jab was ‘defective’

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