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16 Nov 2023 18:29:27
US Government Wants Power To Remotely Control Vehicles By Placing a Kill Switch in cars after 2026 - Bill In House

16 Nov 2023 09:12:40
Pete Brewton is interviewed about his book, The mafia, cia and george bush.
About the Savings and Loans companies (S&Ls) scandal.
part 1 of 2

15 Nov 2023 08:35:36
Documentary director Brian Springer documents the behind-the-scenes antics of politicians and newscasters in the early 1990s, using the presidential election of 1992 as a jumping off point. Assuming they are not on camera, Pat Robertson jokes about "homos," Al Gore learns how to dodge questions about abortion, and George Bush speaks with Larry King about halcyon. Spin, a bizarre critique of reality as it is portrayed by the media.

14 Nov 2023 19:54:59
ATHENS UNVEILED: Greeks in Georgia USA, Underground Tunnels and Lost History of 'American Indians'

13 Nov 2023 08:26:42
'Age-reversing' supplements: What NMN, TMG, Apigenin and Berberine did for us interview with Dr Elena Seranova

14 Nov 2023 13:39:54
Does this mean we'll be seeing a more youthful avatar in a few months Ed033?

{Ed033's Note - You never know, i might turn into a young sprite.

13 Nov 2023 07:57:46
The Most Dangerous Philosophy: What the controllers don't want you to know.

13 Nov 2023 07:51:42
The History of the 18th / 19th century Bavarian Illuminati in 7 Minutes.

12 Nov 2023 17:03:48
Full length episode of NEWS BENDERS - Faking The News since the 1960s

12 Nov 2023 11:58:59

14 Nov 2023 07:39:00
Katie is very smart and very funny with it.

{Ed033's Note - Right

11 Nov 2023 16:28:21
An intriguing story of an Egyptian queen and her Greek husband, banished to Ireland at some point in the second millennium BC, is told in the legends of Scotland and Ireland.

It is thought that the current titles of the Scottish and Gaelic people came from these two monarchs, Queen Scota and King Gaythelos. What then, are we to make of this old tale - is it more fiction than fact?

As one might imagine, historians have accepted the story as pure fiction. However, Ralph Ellis has examined this mythology from a different angle and discovered several connections and correlations that point to the inevitable conclusion that the amazing story of Queen Scota and King Gaythelos is most likely factual.

Historians have, as one might expect, taken the story to be complete fiction; but Ralph Ellis has taken a lateral look at this mythology, and found many links and associations that lead to one inescapable conclusion - that the extraordinary tale of Queen Scota and King Gaythelos is probably true.

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