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22 Nov 2023 15:37:40
Update report on the legal proceedings being brought in the High Court of Justice against Richard D. Hall.

22 Nov 2023 08:32:10
Electricity has already been paid for?

22 Nov 2023 08:08:03

22 Nov 2023 08:23:58
Egyptian hieroglyphs show them using geopolymer?

21 Nov 2023 18:36:10
The Titanic Conspiracy - The Great Deception presented by John Hamer

20 Oct 2023 22:23:42
The Brussels Business documentary - Who Runs the EU?

20 Nov 2023 08:09:15
documentary about the bizarre and mysterious death of Elisa Lam.

19 Nov 2023 09:09:44
US Government Docs on [Star Trek like] Borgs, Weaponised Nanotech, Poisoning Water

18 Nov 2023 13:15:59
Police State 2023 - Dinesh D'Souza Documentary

18 Nov 2023 08:39:04
Richard D. Hall made a documentary about human mutilation and that secret black ops know about this, investigate this and cover this up.

Note: The below documentary contains some graphic images of animal and human mutilation so is not suitable to anyone under the age of 18.

The Human Mutilation Cover Up

18 Nov 2023 07:15:55
A good few yrs ago (15 or so) I joined the freemasons. My grandad was pretty high up in there and was a well respected freemason.
I'm a 3rd degree master Mason.
True story this.

When my nan passed away (1983) my grandad was dying of loneliness.
A work colleague of his was worried about him and decided to help him snap out of his depression. He ended up setting my grandad and his mum up. They were happy for a while.

Then he asked him along to the masons. He knew if he joined he would have a new social life. My grandad joined and he takes any commitment seriously and he progressed and progressed for over 30 odd years.

I joined because I was told I'd get loads of work through them. I had my own business at the time. I joined and I made some contacts but never gained financially. I ended up in jail over another incident and so I didn't go back as to not cause any grievance for my grandad.

To him it was a social life and he met some really good friends. He wanted nothing from them. I went through a few rituals (thought it was a load of bollox really) and progressed to a mastermason. I thought nothing of it at the time but in the years that followed I then realised just what both of us have been involved in. I didn't see anything sinister tbh.

I just saw a lot of old men just wanting company. It's very loyalist and upper-class but me, a proud republican, didn't view it as anything more than me being a snake to get more work. I did ask him about the 33rd degree and he told me it didn't exist. Any questions I'll try and answer if you've got them and thanks for reading

{Ed033's Note - Thanks for posting.

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