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05 Feb 2024 18:08:38
How the global monetary system actually works

Billions of people across the world find themselves in abject poverty, but are unaware that they are beneficiaries of a multi-million dollar trust fund which is actually being used by all governments to fund corporate entities.

Although the world’s financial system is complex, this video has been created to explain it to the layperson

In short, you will learn how modern day money has no value, and you have been tricked into becoming both the creditor and the debtor of this monetary slave system.

04 Feb 2024 11:06:55
Since 1916 UK citizens have had the right to refuse certain military war service on grounds of conscience. The Military Service Act contained a clause to allow anyone who had an objection on moral grounds, to perform alternative service instead.

Article about it

03 Feb 2024 22:31:03
Dr. Jason Dean - New Micropatch Needle Agenda to Advance Transhumanism

02 Feb 2024 21:16:46
Christianity Has Nothing To Do With Jesus? - Ralph Ellis interview

28 Jan 2024 19:22:59
Richard D. Hall shows us how he made changes to his house to move towards being off-grid - Part 1 of 3

Reducing our dependence on the system, makes us less of a slave. By not relying on government and giant corporations, by developing full or partial off grid homes, could be a better way to protest against the satanic systems being implemented than using keyboards and placards? Why would we want to be part of a satanic system run by criminals?

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