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23 Apr 2024 19:04:04

22 Apr 2024 13:43:22
Richard Vobes: Police corruption and child abduction

21 Apr 2024 18:04:32
About AI and the WEF family | Redacted

18 Apr 2024 07:15:22
Secret Homosexual Lifestyles Of Rich Black Rappers Exposed

14 Apr 2024 10:20:10
Hey Ed,

When you first created the conspiracy page a few years ago I remember reading about a grand plan of the "elites" to sow discord and unrest amongst the masses. It's a bit hazy now, but I remember something about islamification of the west being part of the tenet so that we would be unprepared for when the inevitable war began.

It stuck with me, even though I thought it barmy at the time.

The thing is, as our society descends deeper into bizarre ideologies where the priority seems to be about identity politics and how to concentrate on whether our feelings get hurt over nonsense, the wedge that drives ever deeper between the supposed binary ideologies in our modern society just plays into the hands of those that seek to be our enemies.

At a time when expressing legitimate concern over the threat of the Middle East and the clash of ideals between Islamic and Western society gets labelled as Islamophobia or bigotry, the signs of this grand plan become more and more obvious. When thousands can descend on our streets defending a terrorist group over a country's right to defend itself from said group, you know something has gone wrong in our society.

I guess, with the inevitable escalation of the tit for tat between Israel and Iran and the probable British involvement in any conflict, how do you see this playing out?

I see any support for Israel being bringing further mass protests, further diminishing trust in the government and further weakening our strength against the enemy. Is this all part of the plan and what are the next steps?

{Ed033's Note - There's a number of plans up their sleeve depending on what happens with previous plans. Overall, it seems to be going to plan, but that doesn't mean they get exactly what they want in the end.

Look for 2 things to happen:

1. Is where we seem to move towards total control

2. Is where we continue to see some group fulfill their translated version of Bible Prophesy, which could be their end of the age ritual. We don't know what their exact translation is, but it could be things like; The Red Heifer Ritual, the 'Armageddon' war, followed by famine and pestilence. The Antichrist ruling from the new Third Temple in Israel and the Mark of the Beast [no buying or selling without the Mark].

Was covid a practise for fulfilling pestilence prophesy or was covid a practise to aid in total control or both?

Are governments and government agencies stopping the food supply for the famine part of prophesy or to aid in total control or both?

if they want to go for the Red Heifer Ritual and Antichrist in the Third Temple, we have to recognise that they have had to remove the Otterman Empire by instigating WWI and WWII, forcing a fake Israel into existence, building it up, clearing out Palestine and brainwashing millions of people calling themselves Israelis into thinking they're the original Tribe of Judah people. And now Israel has to clear a space for the Third Temple in remaining Palestinian held land and try to force WWIII.

[Obviously it's highly likely they had other agendas which WWI and WWII helped out with like hiding history.]

We've been told all our lives that WWIII is NATO v Russia and whoever else gets involved and that could be the fulfilling of the 'Armageddon' war prophesy.

The coming programmable money [CBDCs] and social credit score system [where we get told what and when and how much we can buy] is either part of the Mark of the Beast prophesy or to aid in total control or both.

I did say that there is a group located somewhere in Russia, that the group in control of us has wanted to take out for hundreds of years and has not been able to as yet. I said something along the lines of, that the way they would attempt to take out this group in Russia is to firstly weaken them with WWIII and then have a war of attrition sending in hundreds of millions of Muslims and Africans [from the purposely Islamified Europe] into Russia to finish the job.

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